DIY 3D scanning is here!

3D scanning DIY kits can be bought on ebay for under $200. If accuracy, quality and turnaround time are not important, DIY scanning may be an option for you. A 3D laser scanner DIY kit can be a lot of fun to put together and a great learning experience, especially when built in combo with a DIY 3D printer. With the right attitude and a lot of patience, it is even possible to do 3D scanning for free. There are several free tools available that utilize a common digital camera and photogrammetry software to create 3D models from photos.

DIY 3D scanning videos

Here are some interesting videos that people have made explaining different free 3D scanning solutions.
Do you have an interesting DIY 3D scanner project? Have you found a way to do 3D scanning for free? We’d love to hear about it. Feel free to email us at

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