3d scanning on golf course in dallas, tx

Arrival 3D performed 3D scanning services for our esteemed customer in Dallas,Texas. Our customer needed to map the slope of the green to help decide possible locations for pin placement.

As any golf guru would know, the holes are actually moved quite frequently. This is to reduce wear and tear on the green from accumulating in one particular spot. The thing is, you can’t put a hole just anywhere. The location of the hole must meet some criteria, one of which is that the slope at that spot must be within a maximum allowed limit. So the customer needed to know the value of the slope at every point on the green.

Our Faro Focus 3D laser scanner was used to capture the precise shape and contour of the greens on nine holes. It took between one and three scans to capture each green, depending on its size and complexity. The scans were then processed and imported into AutoCAD Civil 3D where the colorized slope maps were generated. The slope maps do an excellent job of depicting very subtle changes on the green’s surface. This information can then be used to make decisions about pin placement. 3D scanning golf courses is a great way to capture and preserve the shape of the course. In the event that the course was destroyed by a natural disaster or other cause, the course could be rebuilt with precision using the 3D mapping information from the scan.

Here is an example of a slope map applied to a golf green. Slope maps can very nicely depict the subtle shapes and flatness of any patch of ground.

slope map

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