how 3D Scanners improve Nuclear Power Plants

3D scanners may be the new solution to mitigating radiation harm to nuclear power plant employees. There is no secret that nuclear power plants are scattered with harmful radiations throughout the facility. The challenge for power plant companies is to reduce radiation exposure to the workers while still achieving maximum efficiency. One of the largest sources of radiation comes from the widespread network of pipes. If there is a failure in the pipe system,  it could lead to potential disaster. If nuclear power plant companies used 3D scanners to maintain pipe systems, they could be saving time and money. 

how 3d scanners improve  nuclear power plants:

3d scanners Eliminate potential errors

3D scanners reduces human error. The technology provides higher accuracy and enhances the speed of production. Furthermore, the technology increases operator efficiency in high radiation and contaminated areas. The easy operational characteristics of the scanners were the primary reason operators spend less time in the dangerous room. Also, using the technology, the workers or operators can take measurements from the ground, instead of climbing the ladders. Workers no longer need to climb ladders up to certain floors because the 3D scanners enable them to take measurements from the ground level. 

3d scanners Offer innovative solution for maintenance

In nuclear plants, it’s common to experience wear from corrosive agents, which could later result in leakage in the power plant. Usually, the corrosion occurs from inside the pipe, which can be difficult to detect in a visual inspection. If the corrosion is not identified, the results can be disastrous. However, 3D scanning could complete multiple scans in a matter of minutes. The workers may extract and analyze data from any section of the pipe. 3D scanners also reveal areas of crystallization, which sometimes indicates leaks in the pipe.

Eliminates the possibility of a revisit

When an operator takes manual measurements, he/she may miss out on crucial points. A revisit to the site might be required to take new measurements. However, with a high-quality scan, operators can access the file from the computer and can virtually see the site, therefore, avoiding the need for another revisit to the site. 

Though the nuclear power plant industry is a bit hesitant to adapt to 3D scanning technology, companies which are using 3D scanners can reap benefits in the long-run. The source of nuclear energy has its perks, yet remains controversial due to potential harm to employees. 3D scanners can help reduce maintenance issues in nuclear power plants, providing a safer place to work and better production.

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