3D Scanning In A Blizzard

A Fail For 3D Scanning services?

Why did the 3D scanner cross the road? To buy a Dairy Queen Blizzard, that’s why. Speaking of blizzards; there have been some pretty tough storms lately. That means that road conditions were a bit tricky. People up North are usually pretty prepared when hit with a blanket of snow. They have the tire chains, the snow plows, and all the stuff ready to take care of business. The people down south usually are not quite as ready. They slip and slide off the road. They rev their engines causing the tires to spin, but the car doesn’t move. We are forever grateful for them because all of the funniest home videos that they provide. There is another group that is never ready for a blizzard. Those are the driverless cars. What I would like to conclude is that coming to the rescues are the muscle flexing heroes of 3D scanning services. Unfortunately I can’t.

Not so Fast

3D laser scanning services does a lot of good things, but not in bad weather. In fact, when the weather gets real bad, even the 3D laser scanning technicians don’t even get out of bed. They take the day off and watches those “people having a bad day videos” till the weather clears up’. Self-driving cars are equipped with a 3D scanning device called LiDar. It does a good job of scanning the surrounding and judging the distances of objects in view. The problem comes when the weather goes sour. The rain, fog, and snow messes up the reading. The technology just doesn’t have the ability to pierce through it. I guess that means that no driverless cars will be found on the road when the weather start feeling cranky. Right? Wrong! The story isn’t over.

Getting things done with 3D scanning services

Those 3D scanning services guys down at Ford may be sitting on the couch when the blizzard hits, but that’s only because they have done their chores, the dishes are done, the homework is in the book bag! That’s right. If there is a problem it only means one thing. A solution is on the order. Ford Motors, using 3D scanning services, solves the weather problem by mixing driverless car LiDar technology with 3D mapping technology. Two heads are better than one. When 3D scanning gets something in its eye to obscure its vision, then that’s when the superb GPS mapping system rips off its shirt and starts flexing. Okay that sounded weird. No problem, though, because you know what I’m talking about. Two great technologies working together to make sure nothing bad happens when the storm hits.

So the next time you and your buddies start to feel a craving for a cookie dough Oreo Blizzard, then you can get into your car with peace of mind. When you are driving down the road the weather just might turn bad. The snow may begin to fall, wind may start to blow, and your vision may be obscured. No need to fear that around the corner may come an out of control driverless car sending that blizzard into your face.

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