Return of the Viking Buckle by 3D Laser Scanning Services

3D laser scanning bringing back fashion

There’s that saying “what goes around comes around”. That is the story of the fashion farm of today. People are always trying to get fancy with their shirts and pants. The “cool” stuff eventually spurts, fizzles, and wheezes, and we go looking for something better. Next, we find ourselves sitting around the living room laughing at mom and dad’s pictures without realizing that we will start wearing the same freaky jeans. It’s kind of funny how that works. It’s like we have a bad memory or something. The same thing seems to happen with eye glasses. First we all look like John Lennon, and then it switches over to looking like a fly’s face. Around and around it goes. How far does the cycle go? No one knows. Does it just keep spinning? Some say is doesn’t. Well, it seems that 3D laser scanning services is going to send that thought to the dry cleaners. It is doing something that might revive a bit of that ancient fashion from the Viking day closet.

A belt for everything

This world has no shortage of cheesy belts. There is a belt for every purpose and every name. You’ll find belt buckles with car brands, sports teams, and SpongeBob. There is even a beverage holder belt buckle. I wouldn’t be surprised if there wasn’t belt buckle phone chargers. You want it, you can get it. Now there is a new one that might put “what goes around comes around” to the test. I’m not saying that this is a cheesy one. You will have to decide. This is a Viking belt buckle that goes back a thousand years. How’s that for bringing back the fashion. Keep in mind, though, that a thousand years ago fashion was pretty much non-existent. They probably didn’t give a dull ax head what people thought. This is not a fancy belt buckle by any means. It definitely won’t look as nice and refined as something you could get at the dollar store, but it would make an awesome conversation piece.

replicate it through 3D laser scanning services

So what does this have to do with 3D laser scanning services? That question should not be too hard to answer. How can the Viking look come back if there is only one guy out there with this thousand year old belt accessory? What better way to do that than by using 3D laser scanning services to produce exact replicas. 3D laser scanning can do that. A 3D laser scanning can take any object and capture it as a digital model. When I say exact replica, I mean every bump and battle scratch can be copied onto a point cloud. Once that file is created, it can be passed on to 3D printing services. A 3D printer can recreate the Viking belt exactly how it was scanned. 

Honestly, I don’t really think that this Viking belt buckle is going scream “Mass produce me!” on the fashion floor. It may, though, be something that collectors would want to buy. Most of us would rather get something more modern. Not only that, but it would get wearisome having to explain the reason why you wear an ugly belt buckle. Something tells me that what went around is not going to be coming back around. On the other hand, 3D laser scanning services is ready to do its duty just in case there is someone out there who is looking for that unique belt buckle.

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