Inspections helped by 3D scanning services

I love the rain. When I hear the sound of the raindrops start to fall I run to the window. It’s a good feeling. That feeling can change to horror, though, when the hail starts to fall. Sometime those hailstones can get pretty good sized. The people who were not ready for it have to scramble to find cover. A golf ball sized hailstone on the head could cause some serious injury. The next thing that I think about when the hail starts to fall is the car. Where is it parked? There is not much I can do if it is still in the parking lot. I can only hope that the stones don’t get too big, and that the storm won’t last long. Unfortunately, though, the stones hit the car can make some pretty big dents. After that, I have to go through the trouble of getting the insurance company to inspect it for damage. Now, 3D scanning services can help with that.

A better and faster inspection

A good hail storm not only leaves a lot of big dents, but it also leaves some small ones too that are not so evident to the naked eye. Those small ones can be hard to see and as a result, left without being fixed. Now introducing the MIKo scanner (mobile identification system for vehicle surface defects) This device provides a reliable way to for insurance companies to detect all of the dents on a car. It not only helps the insurance companies with precision, but also speeds up the detection process. The best part of this scanner is that it is mobile. Sometimes when you need to have your car inspected for hail damage, you have to travel a certain distance to an inspection station. That can be a pain if the place is a distance away. This device is compact, and it fits the whole 3D scanning services device into a small case.

A few 3D scanning options

This is definitely the right scanner to choose for hail damage assessment. It has some cool features. The scanner has seventeen camera which can capture the contour of the vehicle pretty thorough. The human eye can do the job to, but not as well. This device can not only detect a dent, but it can also tell the exact measurements. That is something the best technicians can do by just looking at the surface. The scanner is armed with a Manta G-609 six mega pixel camera that has really high resolution. Added to that is a Sony ICX694 sensor, and it can take images in rapid fire. In less than five minutes the whole 3D scanning services job can be done.

This is definitely the scanner to use in places that have frequent hail storms. The car owners definitely don’t like it, but it is good for the inspectors Just be sure that if you are a car owner, that have insurance. This 3D scanning services device had what it takes to get the job done.

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