3D Laser Scanning Reduces Waste

wisdom found in 3D laser scanning services

Have you ever heard of those Confucius sayings, like “He who stands of toilet is high on pot.”? Well, here is a new saying, “He who makes toilets using 3D laser scanning services, gets rid of waste.” Just as the company Aircraft Technologies. They saved about twenty grand using the technology. That is a wad of loot. Not only money but they cut down on time as well. All of this because they took the 3D laser scanning route. Using 3D laser scanning they could create a digitized model of the bowl and then change and adapt it so that that they can use the tooling that they already have. That reduced the cost of having to buy new and allows them to get producing right away.

your can be thankful for 3D laser scanning services

What is this company all about? Well, if you have ever been on the plane and had to use the loo mid-flight, you can give them a big thank-you round of applause for that. They are a company that designs and maintains the sanitation system on an aircraft. Designed a toilet called the Series 90 that is made up of a special material called Kydex and some composites to make it strong and light. This toilet is pretty fancy. No need to look for a flush button. All you need to do is close the lid. Its design was done with 3D laser scanning services.

make some easy adjustments

So why was it need to modify the toilet with 3D laser scanning services? The reason is that the new toilet dosing would have required parts to be designed specifically for it, and that would take some time and money. They also didn’t not have CAD models of the older designs, but some of the major components were very similar. Therefore, they were able to use 3D scanning services to make a digital copy of the part and then modify. After the modification, they would be able to use the existing tolling. That saved a lot of time and money.

useing 3D laser scanning to get a CAD model

Using 3D laser scanning services was an easy process. The 3D laser scanner works by measuring a laser line that is reflected off of an object. The device is able to record points on the object by measuring the distance of light coming at different angles. Millions of these points are collected which form what is called the point-cloud. That point cloud is what is used to produce a virtual model of the object. Once they have that object in CAD models, they can do what they want with it. They can get exact measurements and they can also modify its design.

It seems from this example that it a good tool for reducing waste. Because of this those toilets are rolling out much faster. Moreover, the only waste being seem is that which is being flushed down the toilet. This is all because of the benefit from using 3D laser scanning services. Sounds like a good choice for any company that is looking to save a some money.

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