3D Scanning the World

The Virtual becoming more real by 3D Scanning services

Sometimes people have a hard time distinguishing reality from imagination. That is a scary thing. The non-technical word for that would be “crazy”. Guess what? It seems in a short amount of time we all might have that craziness. The day is coming when the virtual world is going to look pretty much like the real. Yes. I am not talking about going out of your mind. I am talking putting on a VR headset and viewing the world almost exactly like it is in reality. Honest I don’t think it will come to the point where we won’t know if we are in reality or not. The truth is, though, that 3D scanning services technology is getting more and more advanced. There is one company that is working in that direction using. That company is Umbra.

Get the whole globe

The company Umbra is working on a software called Composit. This software is going to do something pretty cool. For a fifteen years they have been working to make a virtual reality is pretty close to the real thing. To do it they are using 3D scanning services. What they plan to do is to make it possible for every inch of this world to be scanned down to the tiniest piece of dirt on the ground. People will be able to access those scans in 3D in real-time on the cloud. This sounds crazy, I know. So much for those Google satellite scans from a million miles away.

Big Goals for 3D scanning

The team of engineers working on this stuff aren’t slacking off when it comes to setting goals. Their first step is to scan a whole city. Which city? None other than the capital where the company is based, Finland. Once they complete that project, they have set their sights on lower than the whole earth. How on earth will they accomplish that? The answer is simple. We are going to do it for them. The company plans on using crowd sourcing to to accomplish this goal. Do you want you neighbor hood viewable in 3D for all to see? Use you phone to scan and upload to the cloud. If you want to view what other people have scanned, you can view it in real-time on the cloud with just one clock of the mouse.

This type of 3D technology done by 3D scanning services is amazing. The potential for what could be done with it is amazing. It will help travel agencies and GPS systems. It would bring VR games more closer to reality. On the other hand, I am not sure if it will be able to go as far as it wants to. There are security and privacy issues that may hinder people being able view any place on the planet. That is no reason not to go forward with it though. I personally would love to drop in on some cities and check out the scenery. It would sure make travel a lot easier.

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