3D Scanning Robot Shelf Stockers

3D scanning services is looking for work

Most of us worked a part-time job in college. The jobs that we usually found were ones that paid good and worked with our schedules. I always chose the food industry. That way I could get free meals to save a little cash. Working at the school cafeteria was one of those jobs. The pay wasn’t fabulous, but I got a huge meal after every shift (One big buffet-style meal a day is not recommended). Many students worked outside the campus because the pay was much better. Night jobs were popular. Some worked at shipping companies. Some did pizza delivery and made out like bandits on the tips. Then there were those who did shelve stocking. Now, it looks like that job may be going away. Stores like Walmart are starting to use 3D scanning services to stock their shelves. That’s right. Shelve stocking robots are getting one of the night jobs.

A 3D scanning co-worker

Hold on. If you think that the robots are stealing the jobs, that’s not exactly what is happening. The robots are really working beside the human workers instead of replacing them. Thanks to a company called Bossa Nova, there are robots roaming the isles getting a count on how much stocking need to be done. Basically they are automated 3D scanning machines that go around and snap pictures of empty shelves. Everyone who has been to Walmart knows that there are a lot of shelves and products to look after. When I say snap a picture, I don’t mean that it just takes a normal picture. They used 3D scanning services technology called lidar. Lidar is a technology that uses light from a laser to measure distance. It’s a no brainier how this works. It can be used for counting products left on the shelf. The workers can then use that data to know exactly what needs restocking.

Not the kind of robots you think

I am not sure what you think about this whole robot revolution, but like it or not, the robots seem to be moving in. Some people may be concerned about safely when shopping around robots. Are we in danger of getting run over by a 3D laser scanning services shelve scanning robot? The problem may be that we have seen way too many Hollywood movies about renegade robots going berserk. That’s no going to happen at Walmart. These robots are programmed to work around people. They will definitely stop for the old ladies and wait patiently like a gentlemen before they move into a crowded isle. Will they someday take over the shelve stocking process entirely. Probably. For now, though, they just do the shelve scanning. One day they will probably get promoted to be your manager.

So the next time you head to the grocery section and see a tall handsome six foot robot zapping a lasers at the shelves, don’t cower behind your cart and dial 911. What you see is probably one of those new robot hires using 3D laser scanning services to get a product count. Just say “Domo arigato, Mr. roboto.” and move on with your shopping.

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