Emergency Planning With 3D Laser Scanning

3D Laser scanning Watching Mama's Boy

Every morning Joey gets up and heads to the breakfast table to enjoy a meal especially prepared by mom. He then goes and takes his shower, and when he gets done, Mommy has his clothes already picked out and ready to put on. From there, he walks to the door and grabs his lunch bag that Mom has already prepared for him. She also slips a few dollars in his pocket for snacks after school. He walks out the door and Mom is right there with him to help him close the street. She takes his hand and tells him to be sure not to talk to strangers outside the school. They walk up to the curb and wait for the light to turn green. The light changes and Mom squeezed his hand and they walk together across the street. That is a mother’s loving care for her little boy. After that, though, the protection is placed in the hands of the school.  That’s why schools are using 3D laser scanning services to look after Mommy’s boy.

The clan with a 3D laser scanning plan

Right now, companies like EagleView Technologies are doing scans of the interior of schools. The reason is for safety reasons. They are using 3D laser scanning services to get a full 3D digital model of every room in the school. What do they do that? It’s not to make a video game. It is so that emergency crews can have a clear idea of the building layout. In the case of a real emergency, time is can be critical. If a fire were to break out for example, the emergency crews would not be left guessing where to go to find children who are trapped. On their way to the scene, they could have already been brief of the layout and even have done a virtual walk (or in this case “run”) through of the building. 

3D laser scanning for data that's gonna matta

The 3D laser scanning services technology used for this kind of 3D digital model a widely used technology today. The way that it works is by collecting data from a device called a 3D scanner. That assembled together by means of a 3D image software to make a 3D model. The data that is collected is basically a distance measurement. The device uses a laser that reflect off of a surface. The sensor in device read that distance as it is reflected back and is stores as a point. Points are collected by the device by running the laser over every part of the room. This of course cannot be done with one scan. Multiple scans must be done. The last step is created the complete 3D image by patching all of the individual scans together. The final product is a 3D virtual reality room. 

At the bus stop Mommy waits with Joey until the bus comes back from school. She probably didn’t realize that 3D laser scanning services watch on duty making sure that kid was safe in an emergency. It’s better if no one has to use those 3D models for emergency reasons.  

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