The best days are ahead for 3D laser scanning services

We have only just begun to incorporate 3d laser scanning into people's lives

Let’s begin with the first 3D laser scanner (that we know of). It was likely invented in the 80’s by an engineer in Southern California that has now passed away. It was big, and clunky. Hard to use as well, and the resulting data from it probably was not too impressive by today’s standards. How far we’ve come! Nowadays people are walking around with phones in their pockets that can do 3D laser scanning services. But really good, high quality scanning still remains out of reach of the average joe, thus the need for 3D laser scanning services. Even the professional scanners have improved by leaps and bounds. Just in the last 10 years there are so many new scanners available. There are more to choose from and the entry-level prices are steadily decreasing. There are now scanners where you pretty much just take it out of its case, turn it on and start scanning. Highly portable, reasonably accurate and fast. This is what 3d laser scanning service providers dream about. 

It is hard to know what lies around the corner, and I think there is a tendency to think something such as 3D laser scanning services has “peaked” now that there are a plethora of cheap scanners to be had. But to the contrary, we believe that 3D laser scanning services is just getting started. 3D is not yet a part of our daily lives, for most people. When that changes there will be a growing need for 3D capture. Some things must be captured in a way that preserves quality, whether that be dimensions, color, detail, or general appearance. No matter how cheap 3D laser scanners get, there will always be a level of quality that requires fine instruments, and fine instruments are expensive to produce and always will be. For that reason, a 3D laser scanning services company that has invested in the latest and greatest 3D laser scanner will have customers.

Nowadays people are walking around with phones in their pockets that can do 3D laser scanning.

Another thing that bodes well for 3D laser scanning is that the industrial sector always lags behind consumer products and software when it comes to 3D laser scanning services. You might even say they are underserved. This is the way it must be, but it always seems strange when you see billion dollar companies using rather primitive 3D technology, while teen gamers enjoy incredible advancements in 3D graphics and speed. 3D laser scanning companies help to bridge the gap by staying current on 3D laser scanning technology so that they may offer it as a service. 

When Apple gets into the 3D business, things will change rapidly. Consumer advancement of 3D technology will only help our commercial and industrial customers to adopt 3D technology sooner. So there are many future events and developments that bode well for 3D laser scanning services. We invite you to visit our web site and contact us for any 3D laser scanning services you may be thinking about doing. 

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