3D laser Scanning Services Fitting Armor for Soldiers

Looking for a few Good 3D laser scanning techies

Uncle Sam’s finger is starting to point out. This time he is not pointing at just anybody. He’s not looking for some guys with biceps ready to wield a bazooka. He’s not looking for some strong legs that can hit the ground running after jumping from an airplane. In fact, he doesn’t even care if you are a pencil thin hillbilly with a slouch on the couch. He’s looking for a few good techies. He is looking for some laser scanners. 3D laser scanning services is declaring war on bad fitting uniforms and equipment. The military is taking advantage of this 3D technology to get their soldiers a better fit.  

Staying fit with 3D laser scanning services

The military is using 3D laser scanning services to get their soldiers fit better into the armor they use for training and battle. The whole one-size-fits-all idea only works for stretchy dress pants and sweats. Soldiers need a good fit when it comes to helmets, vests, and other wearable armor. Imagine crawling across a minefield with bullets flying over head. Think of what it would feel like to have your helmet keeps falling over your eyes. How about spending days in a trench with a collar that rubs against your neck constantly. If things aren’t uncomfortable already. How about women trying to perform military duties in equipment that was specifically designed for men? Civilians are sitting at home in lazy boy chairs. We enjoy the comfortable of a bathrobe and a book while our soldiers our defending our freedom with a vest that doesn’t fit right.Those soldiers should have the best fitted clothing and armor that we can produce. That is why the Army is putting 3D scanning technology to the task.

3d laser scanning services has the tools

Using 3D laser scanning services the military can change that. They can take a large sampling of body sizes and do an analysis of how clothing and armor will perform with movements of the body. 3D laser scanning takes the body shapes of a large group of soldiers and put them into digitized form. Engineers can take that data and run computer models. Those models give the designers a look at what the armor looks like when soldiers are in action. Avatars for gaming type software can show how a certain pieces of gear moves on the body. It can test what it looks like when the soldier jumps to the ground or tries to climb a wall. Does the armor inhibit the soldiers movements? Are there any parts of the equipment that can get snagged with climbing in and out of military vehicles. These are all questions that can be answered by running digital simulations. The results of the simulation tells them what works and what needs to be redesigned. This will give our military men and women the ability to do a better job on the field when good performance is critical.

Don’t just think that military is for muscles and guts. The armed forces need a few good wrists that can wield a 3D laser scanner. Our soldier are fighting for our freedom to live. We should fight for their freedom to move in their gear. Thanks to 3D laser scanning services they are going to get it.

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