3D Scanning Gives Amateur Designers A Way To Capture their Work

3D scanning services can save that work

Not every person who designs is a professional. When I was in school I used to sit in class and scribble on my desk. Some of the things I drew were pretty cool. Some of the things the other students doodled on the desk were neat, too. Unfortunately, at the end of the day the cleaners would come in with the Windex and scrub it all off. Too bad that artistry could not have been saved and developed into something real. Maybe we need 3D scanning services.

Capture it with 3D scanning scan

Today with 3D scanning services not all of those novice designs have to be lost to the “scrubbers”. I suppose the scribbles on a desk would be hard to do anything with, but there are still lots of novice ideas that could be developed into something better. When I was young I used to join the wooden car races. Dad did most of the work, of course, but I was right there with him. We designed our own cars out of that block of wood. Some of those cars that the kids designed were quite impressive. Unfortunately, most if not all of those cars ended up in the trash. If we had 3D scanning services at that time, we could have made a digital copy of all of those cars. With those digital models kids could have learned how to run simulations on the aerodynamics of those cars to create a better design.

3D scanning services is A Way to go forward

Some amateur designers are aspiring to become professional. 3D scanning services are giving them an inexpensive way to do move in that direction. I read about a young fellow who created a car design using clay. From therehe didn’t really know what to do. It was to costly for him to have it machine cut out of aluminum. 3D scanning was able to capture his work. Using 3D scanning technology, this young man could digitize it so that if anything happened to the original, he would not have lost anything. A digitized model of his design also would allow him to share his idea with others. People could analyze it and help him improve the design.   

Can't completely depend on 3D scanning services

This, of course, doesn’t mean that just because someone uses 3D scanning services that their work becomes professional. To have a new car design roll out of the manufacturer takes more than the right tools. It does mean, though, that he can start building a portfolio of his work. He can find the tools to improve his designing skills with 3D scanning services. It does help him to refine the work that has already done. It allowed others better access to his work to give him feedback.  

Today 3D scanning technology is giving aspiring designers a better start in the race.  So the next time you are in art class and you see that kid making a cool car model, whip out your three 3D scanner and capture it before it gets mashed. Who knows, that design may be the beginnings of the car you might drive ten years down the road.

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