3D laser Scanning is Taking a Bite Out of Crime

3D laser scanning services to the scene

Why do people love crime stories? It seems a little strange when you think about it. Crime is a horrible thing, yet people love to sit with a bucket of popcorn and watch a horrifying plot unfold. Crime stories go way back, too. The Chinese were writing crime stories that read like a Sherlock Holmes even a thousand years ago during the Song Dynasty. I don’t think we like crime stories because we like terrible things to happen to people. We like them because they they have suspense. We want to be left guessing who did it? We want to be surprised. Solving crime is no fun and games, though, in the real world. Therefore we need tools like 3D laser scanning services.

Justice can be served by 3D laser scanning

Justice must be served when crime happens. Criminals cause people get hurt and lose their lives in tragic ways. The damage has been done and justice needs to be served. That is why there are forensic scientists who spend their days solving those crimes. They need to do their job so that criminals won’t be able to do it again. Imagine a woman woman getting mugged at a 7-Eleven. She struggles against the man who tries to take her purse. Eventually he succeeds by biting her on the hand and then runs off with the purse. Unfortunately, she doesn’t remember what he looks like. All she can tell the police is that he had a receding hairline, sunglasses, and a leather jacket. How are they going to identify that criminal? The forensic team needs evidence. It turns out that 3D laser scanning services can give the crime investigation team a lot of clues.  

3d laser scanning services has the right tools

Forensic scientists need the tools to get the job done. The first thing they do is comb the crime scene for any evidence possible. That evidence is used in a court of law. Evidence can prove innocents or guilt. Unfortunately, evidence that is collected doesn’t always turn out to be sufficient enough to prove anything. The investigators gather pictures, descriptions, and whatever they can to present in court. The problem is that old data collection methods aren’t the most reliable. Going from a real crime scene to a 2D camera shot and mere personal testimony leaves a lot to the imagination for jurors. Forensic investigators have a tool to work with by using 3D laser scanning services. It can record a virtual image of the crime scene.

3D Laser Scanning is your man

Forensic scientists are now using 3D laser scanning services to fight crime. They are doing it by combining 3D laser scanning technology with odontology. Bite marks can be strong evidence in court that can put a criminal behind bars. A woman is bitten by the criminal here in this example. Investigators, in such cases, would have trouble presenting teeth marks in court for a couple reasons. First of all, teeth marks on the skin cannot be presented without some compromise to the wound. Wounds heal, and so after several day it won’t even look the same. Secondly, pictures of a wound do not give a full pictures of the actual wound. Therefore information is lost. 3D laser scanning services can solve this problem by recording the evidence the moment the scene of the crime is investigated. With that there is no loss of data.  

Odontology is just one area combined with 3D laser scanning services that helps with forensic investigations. It give jurors a way to look at evidence that had not been compromised. That is a win for justice. I am sure there are many other ways that 3D laser scanning is being used to take bite out of crime.

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