3D Scanning Services Has Your Ear

3D Scanning Services Beating the Bullies

There were two kinds of kids in school; the bullies and the bullied. The bullied were many and the bullies were few. I do think many of us did some bullying when we didn’t even know it. Anyways, bullying was a bad thing. No kid wants to wear glasses, anyways. On top of that, they had to get teased and called four-eyes. Some kids had speech impediments that got laughed at. Some of these kids just had an invisible bulls-eye on their heads that said “bully bait”. The unfortunate truth is that bullying not likely to stop any sooner than freckle-faced rats are going to stop being let into the building. That doesn’t mean that we can’t do anything about it. In fact, something is being done about it. 3D scanning services is helping one girl in not just stopping the bullies. She is also getting some of her hearing back.

The Benefits of 3D Scanning services

You’ve heard of 3D scanning services a lot these days I am sure. This technology is finding ways to make a lot of things easier.  It has done so much in just the medical field alone.  It is helping people with hearing aids, prosthetics, plastic surgery, bone replacement, weight-loss, and the list goes on and on. Many of the benefits that 3D scanning services brings all have a few things in common. 3D scanning technology gets things done faster, cheaper, and does it with more precision. It is no wonder why so many fields are taking advantage of it.

Here's a new ear

Let’s return back to our topic about 3D scanning services and bullying. What couldn’t you imagine 3D scanning services could do to stop the bullying for a little girl? You can probably guess when you hear the condition that she had before something was done about it. This little girl had a condition called microtia. The condition was the reason why one of her ears were not fully developed. You can guess what some of those punks at school would say to her when she was at school. Those bullies, I am sure, said some pretty mean things to her. It turns out that 3D scanning services was able to replicate a copy of her normal ear. Doctors didn’t just printed out an ear using a 3D printer. In fact, they gave a her a fleshy ear just like the other one. The doctors were able to form the new ear by using a ribcage cartilage. Is that cool or what?!

Thanks to 3D scanning services, we can now do life changing stuff like this. According to reports, this kid actually was pretty tough from the start. She learned not to let those bullies get into her head. That is by far a much better way to deal with the issue. Maybe if the bully would have kept going she could have socked him in the kisser. That way we could see if the doctors could have done a lip replacement using 3D scanning services.

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