3D Scanning Services Rebuilds a Football Field

Something new for school with 3D scanning services

“Rah rah rah, sis boom bah!” Hit the field boys! Remember those days, back when the only battles at hand were homework, pimples, and bullies? Those were the days. Some thankfully never to be relived again. I don’t really miss those days. Some people had a blast during those years, but not me. I just floated though it knowing that there was a next stage in life coming. It wasn’t all boring, though. I did like the football games. I played in the band and had to wear one of those barf ugly orange band uniforms and march with a tall fuzzy hat. The guys from the other towns would come and try to pick fights with us. We never fought, but we would stand there thinking we were tough just for showing up. Those days are over for me, but others still get a chance to live them, like some students in Caldwell, Idaho. They got a new high school, and a renovated football field thanks to 3D scanning services.

Getting a lay of the land

In order to build a football field, the school district had to first do a survey of the land. They hired landscape architectural professionals and engineers to do a topographical survey. They chose the Land Group, a company which has a lot of experience in doing land survey for renovation projects. They had also done a lot of business before with the school district. They gather a strong team together to tackle the project to make sure that the whole thing would be a success. The project turned out to be no easy task even with 3D scanning services, as they had to recoup their plan as far as the scope of the project goes.

The right 3D scanning tool

The right tools are necessary to get any such job done. For that reason, the team bought a Leica ScanStation C10 that was able to capture all the data needed for the survey. That is a huge time saver because they won’t have to run back to gather more data. That doesn’t mean, though, that the task was simple. Schools are placed that rarely take breaks from activity except for winter and summer vacation. The entire week is usually busy with something going on. Therefore, they had to strategize carefully in their planning. That is what they did, and they were able to do it all in one day. While everyone was home stuffing themselves with turkey on Thanksgiving break, they were stuffing their hard drives with data. To make a long story short, the survey project was a success and the students got their new football field thanks to 3D scanning services.

Let’s give a “hip hip hurray” to 3D scanning services. “One, two, three, four who is it that we adore!” to the guys who know how to do it. A finished project means more fun watching students wear dorky band uniforms. It means more pimple faced homecoming queens. High school would not have been the same without all of those memories.

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