3D Laser Scanning Services Preserves Relics From Alcatraz

Escape Story by 3D laser scanning services

One of my favorite movies of all time was The Great Escape. The setting of the movie is in a German P.O.W. camp. Based on a true events, the movie shows a bunch of men drawing up a plan to escape the prison by digging an underground tunnel that leads to outside the camp. They go to great lengths to prepare for this escape. They even have face I.D.s made to use once they escape. The preparation is made and the escape begins, but most of the prisoners failed to escape. Out of 250 prisoners, 76 attempted the escape, but only a small few made it out. I love those kinds of movies. There is another true “great escape” story that most people have never heard about that took place at Alcatraz. The escapees of course were not heroes, but criminals. And the story was made known to me, not by film, but by 3D laser scanning services.

The unfolding of the plot

Frank, John, and Clarence were their names. They will go down in history as the as having one of the funniest jailbreak stories of all time. In fact, it almost reminds me of a comedy movie. Imagine a jail security guard walking up to the cell and looking in. He notices that the inmates are sleeping and then keeping walking. The next day, it is the same scene. “He must be sick”, the officer thinks to himself. After a few more times this situation is repeated and the guard gets a bit suspicious. He opens the cell door and walks up to the bed. Suddenly he realizes what has just happened. Doh! Resting on the pillow is a fake head made out of hair, toilet paper and soap. By that time it is too late and the escapees have well made their way out to freedom.Those fake heads are now a museum piece, and are in need of some preservation using 3D laser scanning services.

Making it last with 3D laser scanning

Today, lots of artifacts and relics are being preserved using 3D laser scanning services. I guess we can’t really say that they are being preserved with 3D scanning. In fact, they are being copied as a digital image. In a sense, they are being converted into an “incorruptible” form.  Specialists use a 3D laser scanner to personalize this task. 3D laser scanner services works by creating a digital point cloud. The point cloud is a digital representation of the object made by the 3D laser scanner. It does this by calculating the distance that a laser beam travels from the object back to the scanner.

We still don’t know if the escapees from Alcatraz found their way to safety or not. For all we know, they might have died on their way back to land. They, of course, might have escaped. If so, they may still be around to read this article to learn how 3D laser scanning services is preserving a piece of their great escape. I would like to say that this would be a good story for them to tell their grand kids, but they would also have to tell them all the crimes that they committed too.

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