Obama’s Selfie Done By 3D Scanning Services

3D scanning services does A presidential selfie

Thanks to the mobile phone with camera, we now have what is known as the “selfie”. Days past may have been remembered by its honor and self-sacrifice, but today we are too busy trying to update our profile pick to care about that. Don’t have a mirror? No problem. Grab your phone and snap picture. Feeling a little chubby after all the holiday cookies? No sweat. Just download an app to thin your face and give yourself some rosy cheeks. Arms aren’t long enough to even take a photo of yourself? Never fear, my friend. That is why we have the selfie-stick. It was made specifically for those travelers who would just rather spend some “me” time with an iPhone. Selfies are taking society by storm and it has even reached the highest positions in the land. Mr. President was given a presidential selfie using 3D scanning services.

Not a normal camera snap

Presidents, of course, get royal treatment no matter what they do. They don’t have a normal car. That thing is fortified to probably withstand a tank blast. Dinner is not just some leftovers from last night’s potluck. The president gets the cream of the crop, and even a food tester to make sure that it is not going to make him sick. A person of that position gets life high on the hog, if you know what I mean. Now, when it comes to selfies, that man in the Oval Office is going to get a presidential click. At least that’s what President Obama got. President Barak Obama had a professional selfie done. Not with just a smart phone, but with some high tech cameras. Not just the butler, but the Smithsonian institute. They used 3D scanning services.

3D scanning setup for the selfie

You can bet, when the president got a selfie portrait, it wasn’t just someone holding the camera for him. It was a high-tech photo job, and I am sure the body guards were not too far away.  Whatever he does, you can be sure he is going to have people do all the preparation and make a schedule for the event. That is exactly what happened. The Smithsonian was given the task to do a selfie of the president in a way worthy of the president. They decided to do it right by get a 3D panoramic scan of the guy using 3D scanning services. They had a total of 8 cameras and about 50 LEDs to get a full head scan. Once they completed the scan which only took less than two minutes, they made a bust. Definitely a selfie worthy of someone who held that high a position in the nation.

Some people might argue that using 3D scanning services to make a bust doesn’t really count as a selfie. I would ask why not? Who set the rules for what can and can’t be considered a selfie. I just night beg to differ on that opinion. Just because it took a lot more prep and help doesn’t meant that it doesn’t qualify. Just because it wasn’t posted on face book should not mean anything. It is a presidential selfie.

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