Trains Are Safer Because of 3D Laser Scanning Services

3D laser scanning is keeping up with speed

In the old days, speed was not much of a worry. The horse was the fastest thing around, and I don’t think there were many head on collisions. Cars started out pretty slow. At that time the roads probably weren’t smooth enough to get much speed. Today, things are different. Our transportation has gone from slow boat to rocket speed. A hundred years ago, who would have thought that we would have to put legal limits on how fast we get around. In fact, some trains speed down the tracks so fast that they feel like an airplane ready to take off. Sitting on one makes you kind of wonder who is watching the track to make sure that there are no obstructions. One thing that you can thank for that is 3D laser scanning services.

Tracks are clear by 3d laser scanning services

Here in America we don’t use trains much. There is Amtrak, but I have never taken it. In Europe, though, they are zipping around in trains all over the place. All across the land trains are pulling around corners, diving into tunnels, and rolling across the plains. So how can they guarantee that the tracks remain clear and free of dangerous obstructions? With all of the trains moving around every day, there has to be occasionally an instance where something blocks the trains path. There is, therefore, a need to for a highly accurate detection system to warn before disaster happens. This is where 3D laser scanning services comes into play. It is a high-tech method that is replacing older ones.

3D laser scanning services has an eye for danger

One of the major point of danger on a railroad track is where the track crosses with other lines of transportation. It may be another train track that crosses, or it may be just a plain road for cars. Those are the places that cause the most danger. 3D laser scanning devices can be used as a means to detect these obstructions. If there is something that needs cleared and is detected, a warning signal can be sent out. Today’s 3D laser scanning systems can even operate despite bad weather like rain, snow, or even foggy conditions. Another use for 3D laser scanning services is to measure the safety envelope of the track. Not every train car that rides on the track is of the same width. There needs to be a preliminary check to see how wide a load can be to be able to make it through all of the tunnels and tighter spots in the track. Without doing a proper check on that, there could be disaster.

Taking a train ride should be safe, just like when we take airplanes. We should not have to worry if the plane will crash into another plane mid-flight. We know that people are working to make sure that all safety precautions have been taken to insure. That makes me feel safe. Thanks the experts who work in 3D laser scanning services, who are always putting their heads to work to find new ways to use it. 

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