Car Washes Use 3D Scanning

Give the job to 3D scanning services

It won’t be long before the summer days are back and booming. You know what that means, don’t you? It means we’ll be seeing all of those summer activities that go with it. There are a lot. You will see kids outside with their lemonade stands. It means snow-cones and double scoop chocolate chip mint ice cream cones out in the muggy evenings. Don’t forget the skin slapping mosquitos and that smell of Off repellent. There would, of course, not be a summer without some baseball and all the peanuts and nachos that go with it. If nothing else, you’d better leave room for some fishing on the river. Casting that fly up stream and waiting for the signal to set the hook. How about a little campfire camping too. Give me some more smores, please. There is one activity that makes me cringe, though. That is the fundraising car wash. I think it’s great kids can raise some money to do stuff, but I do not want that dirty rag scratching up my car. I need a smart car washer that can do the job without ruining my paint job. The best one for the job is 3D scanning services.

We are not without option

There are a lot more summer options out there than the pimple-faced carwash panhandler. You know that they wouldn’t tell you if they dropped that rag on the ground. If they did drop it, you know that it would be covered with little rocks and sand that that would be scratching your paint job in Karate Kid circles. I would much rather go with the professionals. I do mean no opens to those raising money for their cheerleader trip to San Diego. Sell me a frozen pizza or some cookies and I’ll be more likely to help out. Anyways, there are some good car washes out there that are putting some high-tech into the scrubbing to give you the best wash for your buck. Companies like Bubble Brush are worth a look. They boast of some brains behind their power water blasts. Before anything even touches your car, they will do a 3D scan of the whole thing. 3D scanning services can get an exact measurement of all your cars curves to make sure they can do a perfect wash.

More Great 3D scanning wash options

Another smart washer is a company called IQ Car Wash. The name says it all. They won’t touch your car without flexing some high brain cell muscles. It doesn’t matter what size of car you bring in. They have the technology to do some 3D scanning services before they commence the cleaning. Not only that, but they do care about your car. They aren’t going to use anything rougher than necessary. They will do just what needs to be done to remove the dirt and leave the rest as it came in. This sounds like 3D scanning services is a safe choice.

This summer it would be a good idea to remember this advice. Buy some girl scout cookies, but stay away from the car washed. Give your business to 3D scanning services.

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