3D Laser Scanning For Bridge Structural Analysis

Keeping Bridges Safe with 3D laser scanning services

I have crossed a few bridges in my day. So far none of them has come crashing down while I pass over it. I am glad for that. One of the reasons why that is so, is because 3D laser scanning services engineers are busy checking up on the quality of those bridges. We take all of that for granted, don’t we? If they didn’t get out there and look for faulty structures, we just might be dead already. They have been using their own special methods to get the job done. Some of those methods are slow, and some are fast like 3D laser scanning services.

SLow going with the old way

Traditional bridge inspection processes are like a turtle with a limp. It involves no fancy high-tech gadget to wave around like a magic wand. Everything has to be done by pointing your eye balls to the spot. If parts of it are out of range, well, that is just too bad. You can kind of see the trouble now, can’t you? I hope you don’t have any other plans, because it is going to be a long, tiresome, monotonous task to collect all the the needed data, and it doesn’t even do a very thorough job. Someone has got to put an end to this tyranny. Oh, I think we have someone. Mr. 3D laser scanning services. He comes riding from his castle to rear-kick the hassle. Don’t think he’s going to cheat ya. He tells it like it is. Unfortunately, he has only one downside; he pays too much attention to detail. Best of all, is that you can be sure that you won’t need to take any return trips to the site.

3D laser scanning cans the old man

3D laser scanning services, on the other hand, is the hero of the data collecting day. In fact, you don’t even need a day, probably. You can pack and zip a job up in minutes. While old traditional Joe is over there trying to find his tape measure, 3D laser scanning services is already doing the dishes. He finished up the job with speed, efficiency, and highly and happy detailed. The drop in time mean a drop in cost which means a drop of the old junk for a 3D laser scanner. 3D laser scanning services allows planners and engineers back at the office immediate access to data, so that decisions can be made faster. This speeds up the whole process. It also means less time and chance of obstructing use of the bridge. Such comprehensive data collection also makes it possible to do computer model testing on the structure off-site.

There will always be bridges to cross in life. The bridge to be crossed at this moment for structural analyses is to go from old school methods to 3D laser scanning services. If you don’t, you are going to be slapped and hung out to dry by the smart guy. You’ll be like the geek who refuses to buy a computer because he won’t give up his abacus. So go get a 3D laser scanner for crying out loud, and burn that bridge behind you because there ain’t no going back.

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