The 3D Scanning Room APP

There is an APP for that

Remember the “there is an app for that” joke that people were saying all the time. Well, there is an app for that  too. Apps to tell you jokes and apps to help you remember things. Everything is seems is being replaced by an app. I am actually getting kind of worried that I might actually be replaced with an app. There really is no need to fear. There is an app for your fear. On to more important things related to 3D scanning services. Remember when scanning technicians wanted to 3D scan a room, they had to haul in a big scanner with a tripod on wheels. Well, guess what, there is an app for that. The company Occipital has created the software Canvas that runs on iOS software. It can scan the whole house in no time flat.

3D Scanning services made easier

Walk into the room with you eye iPad, hold it up, and start point pointing it around the room. That is basically all that you have to do to get a basic scan of a room these days. No longer is mobile-device scanning software just for single objects. You can get a digital copy of your entire apartment using just your mobile device. The company started back in 2013 with a device that you strap onto your mobile device. Now, the company has come out with an iOS version of it. That is just what we want. Just like any other scanner it can capture whole rooms with very good accuracy. As you hold it up and move it around the room, it takes thousands of pictures. Finally it will stitch them all together to give you a 3D digital representation of your room, house, or whatever.

A Great 3D Scanning Tool

This app is great for professionals to get a digital picture with accurate measurements of a room. After the software many a multitude of captures, it them puts them together and converts into a CAD model where engineers can find exact measurements. Not only that but once it is in the CAD mode, it can me manipulated. We aren’t just talking about a rough-cut image either. The scanner can capture the contours of the room down to the millimeter. The scan to CAD model doesn’t happen instantly. It may take a little time for the company to convert it, but it will be worth it. Once you CAD model is done you can dissect it by layers and modify it any way that you want. This is going to save a lot of people a lot of money. IT simplifies the process of gathering exact measurement data from the room or house you are doing 3D scanning services on.

Who would have thought there would be so many apps. It shouldn’t surprise us what companies like Occipital are doing with 3D scanning services. I can’t imagine the process could become any more simpler. The only thing I can think of is if it were done by smart glasses. I guess that time will tell.

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