3D Scanning Services Scans Soccer Players

Getting heads in the game with 3D scanning services

How many sports fans do we have out there? Now that football season is over, it is time to get ready for the next sports hooplah. Which is what? I can’t even remember. What does it matter, just bring on the onion dip and salsa, pull up an armchair and lets get ready to rumble! Pass the chips, please. Actually, to be honest, I am not really an arm chair athlete. I would much rather be outside playing the sport than watching it. A spectator’s job is too easy. All he has to do is to put on game shirt and eat Ruffles and yell at the TV. He can get up in the middle of the game and go to the toilet without even waiting for the whistle. He does not need to keep his head in the game. Well, the real player can’t just sit in a chair without his head in the game. He has to be all in. That “all in” is now going to the virtual world. Some athletes are now not just getting their heads in the mentally game. They are now taking their head to the virtual world with 3D scanning services.

3D scanning the team

A group of soccer players in Brazil are getting their heads in the game in a most unique way. Actually it’s not just their heads, but their whole upper bodies. 3D scanning services were given the task to scan a team of soccer player into the cyber world. What are they doing this? I’m not exactly sure but is probably has something to do with advertising or for showing stats of game day. Whatever the case may be, they got scanned. Each player was sat down and made into a digital image. To complete this project, they probably used a scanning device like a Ray, which is a 3D long-range professional scanner. They might have used the Leo, also, or the Space Spider, all good quality 3D scanners. Most likely I’m guessing they used a very popular one called the Eva, which does fast and accurate 3D scans.

A difficult task for 3D scanning services?

Each of the player were sat down in a chair and had their upper body scanned into the computer. No need to worry, though. The technicians were careful to make sure that the light from the scanner would not damage the eyes of the players. The task was quite simple, but did have its main challenge. Since all those guys are very familiar with each other they probably did a lot of joking around. Joking around leads to laughter. Laughter leads to chuckling when you are supposed to stay still. I am sure that they had to do a few retakes because some player were unable to stay completely still. Anyways, the final results were successful. All of the player were able to get their heads and upper torso scanned into the machine. So if you ever see on TV an electronic version of a Brazilian soccer team, you can thank 3D scanning services for that.

It seems that with 3D scanning services technology these days that there is more than one way to keep your head in the game. If you are not a techie than you can just ignore all that. Please pass the bean dip!

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