Tasty 3D Printers

3D printing has been the main focus of industrial and small parts manufacturing for commercial and practical applications, particularly printed with plastics, glass, wood, and metals. Now imagine going into
your kitchen, looking through your cupboards and finding nothing to eat. Now that is a thing of the past. 3D Systems has released a new 3D printer that prints food! The CCulinary 3D PrinterhefJet & ChefJet Pro have merged the innovation, science and technology of 3D printing with the food industry to create not only beautifully designed, but also delicious edible prints.

Printers in the Kitchen

The ChefJet is fully equipped to print tasty creations out of sugar, candy and chocolate. With the precision of standard 3D printers, the ChefJet offers culinary artists the unlimited freedom to create truly stunning designs that were not achievable with standard culinary techniques. The ChefJet is only capable of printing 3D objects with sugar compounds, but 3D Systems is currently experimenting with other printing materials such as proteins, starches, and spices that will springboard into multiple varieties of 3D printed foods.

As of right now, the ChefJet & ChefJet Pro are being developed more for professional uses such as mixology, and mass food production. It might be some time before 3D Systems releases it to the public. Although it is not available for purchase yet, ChefJet & ChefJet Pro offer us a glimpse into the the possibilities of future culinary arts. Soon we’ll be able to 3D print our own food at home. Be sure to check out 3D Systems for more developments on the ChefJet & ChefJet Pro printers and this video to see for yourself some of these delicious 3D prints.