3D laser scanning at an accident scene

car accidents put a dent in your vacation time

            This summer people are heading to the beach. They want to get away to get some sun and sea. They want to get that great tan line along with some relaxation. Unfortunately some people head to the beach and get something that they didn’t ask for. I’m not talking about shark bites. Some people get into a car accident and that can cause a lot of trouble. It is not just trouble for the sunbathers who get their vacations cut short. That can cause a stop up in traffic, and it can cost the city a lot of money for the city to go in to investigate. An accident that happen on a congested road by the beach can mess up traffic for hours. Thankfully, with newer technologies like 3D laser scanning services, data collection for a crash scene can be done in minutes. 

The police are taking advantage of 3d technology

Whenever there is a serious car accident, the cleanup is not just a matter of moving the cars and debris off of the road. A serious accident requires the law enforcement to come in and block the area off and then the investigation crew comes in and collects data from the crash site. In the past, methods for this would take hours. It was a pain people to have to detour around the spot. Now, thanks to some smart technology investments, this job can be done in a snap. 3D laser scanning services is now the new tool for crime scene investigations. Not only do 3D laser scanners get in and get the job done fast, but the quality of the data collection far exceeds the old methods. A 3D laser scanning services forensic team can go into with the scanner and a comprehensive 3D model of the crash site quickly. The street can then be cleared for traffic immediately. 

The crime scene of the future is now

3D scanning services scanning works by using laser light reflected off of an object to measure a distance. That distance represents a specific point on the object. The 3D laser scanner collects millions of these points to make up a 3D point clouds. The number of scans necessary will depend on large and complex the area is. After the scans are completed, they are taken back to the office and are registered, meaning that they are meshed together, to create on 3D digital model of the crime scene. The benefit of using this technology should be obvious. An accident scene can be easily compromised as time goes by. If the forensic scientists can get things collected fast, there is no worry about compromise. The digital 3D model of the crime scene can be analyzed back in the office. 

3D laser scanning services is no doubt a better way to do accident scene investigation. If one person has a wreck and can’t go to the beach, there should be no reason why everyone else has get stuck in traffic. Now if 3D laser scanning services could just help us stay out of wrecks then that would be even better.

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