3D Scanning Device Becomes the New 3D X-Ray

another advancement in the world of 3d technology

 What do you think of when you think of incredibly small particles
spinning around in circles and then crashing into each other? Most likely you
thought of that organization in Europe called CERN. They are the group that is
looking for those unimaginably small particles, like the Higgs Boson. Well, it
turns out that the CERN crew is doing more than just smashing things together.
They have other projects going on. They in fact developed a technology that is
being used by other companies to do wonders in the world of healthcare. Now
that sounds a little more down to earth than say, smashing particles and
creating black holes that are going to cause the earth to implode. The
technology is called Medipix3, and it is revolutionizing the way doctors can
look inside your body. Companies are using it to do 3D scanning services on a
patient’s body. 

color makes all the difference

Generally when a cancer patient needs to have a doctor check him out, he will go in and do an x-ray. An x-ray produces a black and white 2D image of the person’s insides. If you have ever looked at some x-ray film, then you know that it takes an expert to know what is going on in the picture. Sometimes I think it is even hard for the doctor to know what is going on inside that person by the way that the doctor stares at the x-ray. Never fear, though, things are getting better for a doctor’s ability to see what is going on inside a cancer patient. New 3D scanning services technology is allowing doctors to get 3D color x-ray images. That is going to lead to a better analysis of the patient’s health status, and it is also going to hopefully help them get better faster.

a father and a son with big ideas

This new 3D scanning services device is no small thing to pop up on the scene. It took two guys, a father and son duo, about ten years to get this technology up and going. We are glad that they did. Their names are Phil and Anthony Butler who are from the universities Canterbury and Otago. What they created is an amazing 3D scanning service device that can take some pretty freaky pictures. X-ray images are kind of strange as it is, but imagine a 3D color image of your insides. Sounds kind of scary really, but that no reason to stop. This machine is just what the doctor ordered for a smart diagnosis. 

It is quite an amazing technology, I’d say. I am sure that it is going to help a lot of people who are in need of serious medical care. If you are wanting to know a little more about this device, check out MARS Bioimaging Ltd. It shouldn’t be too much of a surprise to see such devices as technology advances. It will be interesting to see what other devices will come out using 3D scanning services technology. I guess we will have to wait and see. 

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