3D Scanning used to create a porche engine model

3d model toys are cooler than ever, thanks to 3D scanning!

3D scanning is helping bring back even cooler 3D models of cars, planes, trains, and more!

Did you ever assemble one of those plastic toy models when you were little? The ones where all the little pieces were connected together and you had to break them off and connect them in sequence by following the instructions. I can remember a few. One was a fighter jet the other was a Trans-Am. It felt like such an accomplishment when I finally put it all together. 

Most people your say those models are for kids, and that big boys don’t do that anymore. We’ll that is not true about guys like Giuseppe Guerini, a professional in the industry of 3D technology and Porche aficionado. He has taking those your childhood joys of plastic models and mixed it with big boy toys, real cars that is. 

reverse engineering using 3D scanning technology

Giuseppe loves Porches. He bought his first one 20 years ago and he never looked back. Giuseppe told Form Labs in an interview, “I’ve had about sixty altogether, and I own three at the moment–1951, 1952, and 1958 models–as well as engines, spare parts, and documentation.”

Giuseppe also is well versed in 3D scanning and 3D printing technology. He’s been working for 35 years in the industry. So he put his two interests together and decided to create 1:4 scale model of a 1952 Porche 356. Talk about a cool idea! 3D scanning services and 3D printing technology has a lot of potential for fun.


First, Giuseppe had to scan each engine component individually. He chose to use a David Laser Scanner, a 3D scanning laser known for capturing precise details for 360-degree models. He used CAD modeling program Rhino to reverse engineer each component, making size adjustments and other changes. Once his 3D models were ready, Giuseppe optimized each for 3D printing. 


Video: 1952 porche 365 exterior and interior

which 3D printer to choose?

Initially, Giuseppe tried a FDM printer, but turned to a SLA printer to get the job done correctly and affordably. The SLA printer was the best choice because each component needed to be exact in detail and dimension in order to fit together correctly. Once all 250 engine components were printed, Giuseppe could a assemble an exact model of the car. During the process, he would use different types of resin. Some of which were better for fine-tuned parts that required more accuracy. Things like screws and belts didn’t need as much attention. Once he had printed them out and gave each one a polish and a metal coating, he then assembled his a miniature version of the car. It is not hard to see that this guy is really on to something. 3D printing and 3D scanning services and a little space time would allow you to reproduce a miniature model of about anything. 

pictures of Giuseppe's 3d model porche engine

3D scanning offers precise and exact data, perfect for 3D printing a perfect replica of the 1952 Porche 365.

hobbyist love the idea

As it turns out, Giuseppe’s idea soon caught the attention of hobbyists all around, and they were soon asking for their own copies to replicate for themselves. If you are interested, maybe he will lend you some digital copies of his 1952 Porsche. You can then take it down to a 3D laser scanning service and have them print you out a perfect 3D replica of your favorite car!

Growing up, the options were quite limited as far as plastic models are concerned. There were only cars, planes, boats, and few other things available to build, and none of it was based on something you had. Wouldn’t it be cooler to have that old VW bug you used to drive in college scaled down. It would definitely be more interesting than just hearing a story. You could even do a scaled down models of your house. What an awesome idea for a dollhouse if everything inside of it was an exact miniature of things that you own. All you need is a good scanner and a 3D scanning and printing service to print it out for you. 

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