can 3d laser scanning make you sandwiches?

i'd like a blt, please! make it with 3D laser scanning!

Are you hungry? How about a 3D BLT? 3D laser scanning services are now looking for a bite out of the competition in the food industry. 3D laser scanning technologies are helping restaurant owner bring the menu to their customers in whole new way by allowing customers to feast their eyes before they feast their bellies on menus items. The app creators of Kabaq are doing just that, by combining augmented reality through 3D scanning technology to produce 3D menu items that customers can virtually see what would be on their plate before it is set on the table.

not sure what to order? no problem!

Imagine sitting down at a restaurant to look at a menu. You think to yourself “Ah, the chicken fried steak sounds good.” And then once it is place in front of you, you look at your friends fish n’ chips and say “Aw man, I should have ordered that!” Well, thanks to 3D laser scanning services, this problem is going to be burnt to a crisp. With this app, customers get a realistic look at the meal they are about to order. Or maybe after a good look at it, they won’t want it. And that is the beauty of it. It puts the power back in your lunch!

traveling abroad? identify what's on your plate with a picture!

Once this app, Kabaq, catches on, it will be especially useful when traveling abroad. Imagine heading to China to see the Great Wall. You duck into a small restaurant and are handed a menu. Well, what would you like to order? Would you prefer the mapodoufu, the tudousi, or the dapanji? I’d also like to mention that the yuxiangrousi goes well with the guobaorou? Get the point? Sometimes we need pictures. Without the help of 3D laser scanning service engineers, you may have to eat boiled pig brain instead of orange chicken.

video: kabaQ apple arkit in food ordering

3D laser scanning revolutionizing menus

There is no doubt that restaurant owners will benefit greatly now that every person on this planet is becoming more and more tech savvy and depends on their mobile apps for nearly everything. The question is, will they be wise to stay ahead of the game to get their menu scanned into the virtual world so that customers can get an eyeful? They had best think seriously about it because its going to increase their customer flow since many diners will have decided what they want before they even arrive. That means faster turn around times. No more waiting for a menu. That saves time, and time is money. Who would have thought that 3D laser scanning services could do so much?

So far Kabag is doing well and growing. Since they started taking aim at restaurants for their app in 2017, they have already had over 150 restaurants jump on the platter. We don’t suppose that this trend is going to slow down because food is an industry that is never going to go out of style, and people are always looking for better ways to get what they want. So the the next time you go get hungry check that app and see if there might be a 3D burger near you.   

video: augmented reality food menu application

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