3D Scanning Weight loss Plan

A new 3D Scanning Plan

Right now we are coasting smoothly after a hard, rough holiday season. Thanksgiving saw its season’s beatings during black Friday. The rest of us had too much turkey to leave the house. Christmas is under the belt (literally). All those cakes, cookies, mashed potatoes, and fruit cakes did nothing but add pounds to the pants. If things keep on schedule then expect some more expansion after a Valentines day dinner. So much for the New Years resolution. From now on we need to resolve to make new kinds of resolutions. Stan needs a plan, and I think it had better be something better than locking yourself in “the can” with no spam. Diet tricks and bathroom scales won’t do the job. The only way you are going to pulverize the pounds is for someone to stare at you and tell you that you are a blimp. Make you feel bad enough to make you stop putting your food money where your mouth is. It is time to consult the jack-of -all-trades, 3D scanning services.

3D scanning services telling you straight

3D scanning services won’t even bling to tell you that you are what you ate. You ate a turkey. Now you are as big as turkey. No, I don’t mean the bird. I mean the country. You need to shed the pounds. 3D scanning services has got a mighty fine solution. The solution is to tell it to you straight. The bathroom seal for a while was able to do that. The problem is that Arnold Schwarzenegger and Butterbean probably look the same to a bathroom scale.  A bathroom scale can’t tell you anything about weight distribution. Muscle on the biceps is not equal to fat on the belly.

A formidable 3D scanning flubber buster

Technology like 3D scanning services does a fine job with showing the real situation when it comes to weight. Fit3D’s Pro Scanner is a good example of a device that can look at you from all angles and tell you what you need to know. It can do a head to toe full body scan.  The scan can tell you have much body weight is muscle and how much is fat. The Fit3D scanner has a platform, a sensor, and a laser. You stand on the platform and it spins around.  As it spins the laser scans your body from head to toe. The machine can then use the digital model created from the scan to analyze your body. It knows the difference between love handles and pipes on your biceps. 

The unfortunate downside to all of this is that the Fit3D has its limits. All it can do is show you the fact that you enjoyed your Thanksgiving meal way too much. Why shouldn’t you?  The only thing it can do is reveal the truth and hope that it will motivate you to action. That is as far as it goes. It has no function that can suck away the pounds, That is something that you will have to decide for yourself. I don’t suggest that you stop eating turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, and whatever else come with Thanks giving Just be sure you get in touch with 3D scanning services to get yourself a body scanner.

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