Feel The Vibe With a 3D Scanning Vibrometer

3D scanning services like you've never done it

Calling all 3D scanning services experts. Are you bored with all the scanning jobs you have been doing? Are you looking for a challenge? Has the adventure left your daily routine? Maybe you have done it all. You’ve packed your bags and headed to the jungle. You have scaled up the rocky snowy cliffs and the climbed highest mountains. Maybe you have weathered heat of the dessert and fought off snakes and endured thirst for a scan. At times you have plugged to dark depths of the earth and touched the ocean floor. Maybe you have dodged a bullet or two and gone a few nights in the trenches just to get the data for a job. You’ve done it all. Don’t dust off your resume just yet. We’ve got a new job for you somewhere no man has seen before. We are talking something no eye has ever seen! Are you getting excited yet? You are going to point your 3D laser scanning device at a new dimension! Well, sort of. We are sending you to the realm of vibrometry. It is a place where your 3D laser scanning device can feel the vibes.

Use 3D scanning to see the waves

A 3D scanning vibrometer is what it is called. If you see a picture of one you might think it was something that should be roaming around on Mars. It looks like a mutated version of Number 5 on the science fiction movie Short Circuit. Instead of just one head it has three,  Those three heads are three sensors that scan vibration waves. The 3D scanning vibrometer is an interesting device in that it doesn’t scan visual objects. It scans sound waves. The question is how can it do that if lasers are suppose to reflect off of physical objects? The answer is simple. Sound waves move across the room but are not visible. What is visible though are the surfaces that the sound waves reflect off. So how does the vibrometer work? Basically it measures the vibration waves off of the surface of the objects that the sounds waves bounce off of. There is a bit more to it than that, of course, but that is basically what is going on. 

who can use the vibrometer

Interesting as all that is, the real question is, why? Who needs to scan sound vibrations. So far no one has been knocking on my door asking for a vibrometer scan. It turns out that a lot of fields are using vibrometry. The medical field uses it. They can use it to test sounds waves on the eardrum. The automotive industry can use it to test the safety of a part. That’s only a couple examples. We could also mention architects, dentists, musicians, airlines, and others are using it to make their products better. James Bond might even use it to hear what people are saying in another room using this 3D scanning services device.

By now you should all be feeling the vibe of what I’m saying. If you work in 3D scanning services and have grown a little bored. Go get yourself a vibrometer and scan the vibe.

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