3D Laser Scanners Coming to Phones

Capture highly accurate models of interior spaces

3D laser scanners have changed the way consumers view the world. This technology has changed the lenses we see the world through and for the better. It has upgraded our quality of life and is becoming one of the wealthiest industries in technology. The latest advancement in 3D laser scanners has now come through the form of our everyday cell phones. With just one minute to spare, you can now thoroughly scan a room, with incredible detail, all from your smartphone. It requires no expensive purchase on the consumers’ end.

The background

Until the late 1990s, 3D laser scanners weren’t fully used or widely accepted. They had a lot of kinks to work through from when it was initially created in the 1960s. Back then, it involved giant cameras that were hard to manage and required a ton of human interaction. Since then, it has developed to handheld devices that take just a few minutes to use. Not only that, but all the information collected from the new images can be saved forever. This is through the cloud, making it one of the most useful tools that has ever been created.

Who can use it

3D laser scanners are no longer for huge tech companies, or mass production businesses, but is now for the everyday people. Technology is advancing so much that anyone with the means can use this equipment. 3D laser scanners are meant for students in desperate need of a study buddy, or an emerging artist who wants to create essential masterpieces.

It creates a way to design sustainable clothing to reduce our carbon footprint. 3D laser scanners are helping save history by replicating artifacts without destroying them. This technology is creating a way for our future generations to gather knowledge easier and a way for us to preserve history for them.

This technology has come so far in the past ten years it has emerged in a variety of fields. Making it one of the most widely adopted tools we have ever seen.

Phones being converted to scanners

“What differentiates this from anything that we’ve seen out there on the market today is that with only a phone and about a minute of time, you can capture a highly detailed, scale-accurate 3D model of a typical interior space.” Stated from Spar3D website.

An everyday person can use this technology and may merge with apps in the future for further adoption among all consumers. This would be good for any homeowner who is out shopping for their new home and needs accurate dimensions of a room.

The technology would be useful for students learning to design rooms or even architects who are inspired and want to remember precisely how a place was structured. Many uses can come from having a 3D laser scanner attached to an everyday cell phone.

The conclusion

As this technology evolves and adapts to consumers’ everyday needs, researchers will continue to update 3D scanners. As this happens, it will adopt in more areas, and every day people will have access to this incredible technology.

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