Instagram Updating For 3D Use

3D scanners may change the way we interact on social media

Social media has been a booming industry, every millennial is on Instagram, either for business or personal use. Making your photos have feelings and personality is a huge must these days to stray relevant. With the latest technology evolving, it is easier than ever to create photos you can view from every angle.

3D laser scanners have been a hot topic in the technology world and have now spread to consumers all over the world. This is one of the most advanced technologies that is ever-evolving, and specific companies are trying to make it easier for every consumer to use.

When was 3D laser scanning created

3D laser scanners were designed in the 1960s, but the use wasn’t adopted until the 1990s. It had grown in the last several years in multiple areas. This technology has gained adoption in various countries because it can be used in so many areas. So, what exactly does it do?

3D laser scanning is the act of tools taking thousands of pictures per second, capturing details of an object or scene being scanned. Data that humans can’t pick up are collected and saved in the cloud. The cloud is storage space on the internet instead of on a thumb drive or specific computer.

The cloud makes the information collected accessible from anywhere in the world. Once the data is collected and saved, it can be transferred into software where the user can edit the images. After it is edited, the user has the option to send it, share it, or 3D print the object.

What is next

This 3D technology has been a growing industry adopted all over the world in many different fields, and now it is being utilized in social media. Certain Instagram users have been allowed to experiment with the ideas of 3D scanners being used for phones.

It is not the best quality because it is made from a very basic phone camera. However, as multiple lenses come out on newer phone versions, the more advanced the 3D images will come out. Facebook, who owns Instagram, has been toying with the idea of 3D laser scanners and phones.

Who is helping

Display.Land is an android app, and this app was created for users all over the world. With this app, consumers can use a 3D laser scanner without buying any fancy equipment. This app allows users to take pictures and upload them on different social media platforms.

This program has not been released to everybody, it has only been released to people with a specific android or iOS version.

The process for taking 3D imaging is not precise or perfect yet, but as multiple cameras phones are coming out, the more the process will improve.


As 3D laser scanning evolves, more consumers will adopt this technology. As companies advance it to the next level, consumers will adopt it in everyday lives. 3D laser scanners will shape the way we interact with our social media platforms. Instead of viewing a picture, we will be able to walk into it and see every detail accurately.

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