Safer Cities with 3D Laser Scanners

3D technology aids in police investigations

Technology has shaped the way we gather evidence at crime scenes and has overall changed how consumers view the world. 3D laser scanners are now being adopted by police and forensic investigators to catch the “bad guys” and keep us safe.

3D laser scanners have changed the way we interact with our digital environment and will continue to evolve in different fields. This technology can change the way we view crime scenes. It could allow us to walk into a place and view it exactly how forensic investigators see it.

What is 3D laser scanning

3D laser scanners are tools that take thousands of pictures per second, capturing every single microscopic detail of an object or scene. They are able to capture the texture of the surface, dimensions, color, and show the object from every angle.

Once the data is collected, it is then stored in the cloud, which is storage space on the internet. The information can be viewed and reviewed for years. Once it is in the cloud, it can be downloaded for the user to edit, share, or 3D print.

Any object that is scanned can be used for evidence or sent to labs across the world to be viewed. It is used in multiple fields for various things and continues to grow in uses across the globe.

Who is it used for

It is no longer only used for police investigations; it is used for multiple fields. Students are using 3D laser scanners as study aids in order to get the best grade. Construction project managers are using this technology to create safer work environments for employees. This technology is also being used to create safer homes and roads for citizens around the world.

Where 3D laser scanners are emerging now

In Jena Germany, a new piece of nondestructive technology can collect data and samples to help police investigations in seconds. It is a portable 3D laser scanner developed by Fraunhofer IOF. This technology is currently not able to add any depth to the images. However, it can show other small details that would not usually be collected by humans.

This technology may not replace the way we gather information, but it could be another step in order to collect the most evidence. The device takes accurate scans of footprints that can later be molded and taken to court.

This specific 3D laser scanner is portable and easy to maneuver, making it highly adaptable among each teammate on the police squad. The resolution has been updated to give the best quality cans, and this can lead to faster identification of a criminal.


3D laser scanners are becoming the hottest topic in the technological world. They will continue to grow in every community because of its uses. This technology is helping catch criminals in everyday life, as well as assisting others in creating a process that allows us to collect evidence against criminals. As the world grows, more advanced consumers will continue to find uses for 3D laser scanners.

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