Road Restructuring with 3D Laser Scanners

Building better quality roads using 3d technology

Technology has swallowed our world whole and consumed us with its boundless uses. It has not entered our world at full force and creating a great way we rebuild and reshape our lives. 3D laser scanners are now being used in construction to make sure consumers all over the world are safe, and it’s starting with our roads.

What it is

3D laser scanners are tools that take hundreds and sometimes thousands of pictures at a scene or of an object. It collects information that humans cannot usually see without hours of work investigating a specific object.

Once the data is collected, it is then stored in the cloud, the internet holds on to this specific information forever, it never disappears. After the information is gathered, it can then be transferred to a partnering system where it can be saved, sent, or edited.

After the use is happy with the images captured from every angle, they have the option of developing the images into virtual reality or into a 3D printed model. Both allow viewers to see the precise and accurate details picked up by the 3D laser scanner.


The 3D laser scanner was developed in the 1960s but didn’t gain any use or adoption until the 1990s. It originally started out as huge cameras taking pictures of an object to have the data transferred to a computer. Now it is a portable handheld device that takes rapid images in under a few minutes. This technology is now convenient and accurate.

Who it helps

This technology is meant for anyone with interest in 3D laser scanners. It helps students create references for studying. Doctors take full-body scans, and archeologists preserve fossils without ruining them. It is now being used in construction to create the safest cities around the world.

3D scanners help Brussels

In Brussels, Belgium, there is not a plan to rebuild the roads. Brussels Mobility and agency in Brussels have decided they would help revamp the roads by taking 3D scans and finding out which roads are the top priority.

This agency will attach 3D laser scanners to mobile cars to track and scan the roads and what sort of condition they are in. Once they are scanned, the company will form a plan for the roads to get redone. This will create a safer way for citizens to travel around Belgium.

3D laser scanners will create more structured plans and allow construction workers to start and reconstruct the worse roads first.

The conclusion

Technology has upgraded our world in ways we would never imagine, and it has created a higher quality of life. Companies are trying to be the best and create the latest trend in order to be adopted in more places. As technology advances and evolves, new uses will come to light, and the safe our world will be.

3D laser scanners are being used to build better quality roads, and in return, this will limit the number of incidents on the road itself. It will also be easier for the driver to navigate when the road is restructured and in better shape.

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