Artec Eva 3D Scanner for Custom Cars

3D technology provides value and precision

Since the invention of cars, the most basic vehicle dating back to 1885, custom made has been a huge deal. Even in other areas, custom made has always been appealing to consumers. Everyone wants the latest trend that also suits their personality. Well, technology has also come a long way and has been evolving rapidly to help certain areas.

3D laser scanners have now entered the custom car industry and have been one of the hottest topics this year. Consumers are now finding out that not only can this technology help large cooperation’s, but it can also help them in everyday lives too. This makes it one of the most relevant and significant pieces of technology we have.

Who else does it help

3D laser scanners were invented in the 1960s but never got any attention until they were more developed in the 1990s. After that, the technology went from big cameras to small portable devices that could scan cars in mere seconds rather than days.

The technology is able to capture every single microscopic detail that would take one human a month to identify. Once the information is captured, it is stored in the cloud, it can be sent, edited, or 3D printed. In the case of cars, most pieces that are scanned end up 3D printed in order to be used.

It not only helps mechanics who build custom made cars, but it also helps in every sort of field and in various industries. 3D laser scanners can help students have a resource to study, they use this technology as a study aid, which is much more convenient than any sort of notes.

Doctors are using this equipment to take full-body scans of patients non-invasively. This equipment can find underlying problems to certain diseases or illnesses that normally could go missing.

This technology has rapidly evolved faster than any researcher would have thought possible, and in return, it is creating a high quality of living.

Custom made cars

Artec Eva is a 3D scanner that is highly versatile and meant for many different fields. That is because it is incredibly easy to use and can scan large objects despite its easy to handle size. SNAG racing is using this technology to scan and fabricate award-winning cars that are able to race better than any others on the market.

The 3D laser scanner must be able to help produce the sturdiest and fastest cars. Researchers and mechanics scan pieces from one car to design and custom-make another vehicle that can go across any landscape at whatever speed they feel is necessary.

This technology helps cut the workload in half, instead of spending hours collecting information that can be tedious, this tool collects all of the information in under a few minutes. They can then use this information to create the fastest custom-made car to race.


3D laser scanners have evolved rapidly and created a high quality of life for all consumers. Designers who work with custom made cars have realized the value of using this technology and have adopted it wholeheartedly because of the value the technology provides. The 3D laser scanner not only cuts the workload in half; it creates the most precise replica of a piece in just a few moments.

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