3D Laser Scanners Safely Create Ways to Capture Data on Feet

Gathering data for custom orthotics is even easier now

Technology has created a unique world in which consumers are learning to operate, and some are highly suspicious of these new technologies. We have evolved faster than some know how to deal with, and others are questioning how safe it is for us to be scanned by lasers.

3D laser scanners offer a very safe way to get perfect and exact measurements of someone’s body. It is noninvasive and incredibly accurate. It takes less time to do a body scan than taking individual molds of body parts that they have to be sculpted. These are some huge reasons why these scanners have been growing in adoption around the world.

This technology went from giant chunky cameras to small portable devices that can fit anywhere very conveniently or even handheld devices. The market for this technology is multiplying, and more fields are adopting it due to its versatile uses.

What this technology can be used for

It is used for many types of research; doctors are adopting it in their everyday practice. Dentists are using it to take scans of the patient’s teeth instead of molds. Project Managers are using it to help rebuild homes. Architects are using it to scan homes from top to bottom to rebuild and revamp homes. There are also researchers using these 3D scanners to help rebuild homes in third world countries. This technology is a reliable and budget-friendly way to enhance consumers’ lives.

We no longer have to sacrifice a tremendous amount of money for the best quality, we now have access to the best technology for a relatively lower price than other more old-fashioned options. This can allow consumers to live happier, safer, and with the quality of life, everyone deserves.

3D laser scanners being used for orthotics company

The most recent development happened with Foot Levelers, the world’s leader in custom made orthotics. At a Las Vegas Convention called Parker Seminars, they set out a kiosk. This Kiosk would provide patients with a safe and convenient way to scan their feet. It is a portable device that would allow all offices to carry them because of its decent small size for a scanner.

The Kiosk will print an accurate and detailed report of a person’s feet and help them understand how their feet work and what causes specific problems because of their feet. After that, the Kiosk would allow that data to be sent and create custom made inserts.

The multiple themes of this new kiosk

This new Kiosk has four themes that no other scanner offers. These themes include: pain, performance, get scanned and Spanish. This allows the latest 3D laser scanner to provide more options than other previous scanners.

Senior Vice President of Foot Levelers explains, “Doctors told us they wanted options, so we’re proud to give them what they need to increase orthotic usage in their practice. If they are not a ‘pain’ practice, the provider now has options. If the customer has a large amount of Spanish speaking patients, this new Kiosk gives them an option to improve patient communication as it applies to custom orthotics.”

This company is helping create a healthy and competitive market and giving the health care world a chance to keep progressing. This allows consumers the opportunity to learn more about their own bodies and learn how to become healthier, preventing certain problem areas from getting worse.

3D laser scanners have enriched our world and will continue to grow in an endless amount of ways. 3D laser scanners are completely safe and have been proven useful in an infinite amount of ways.

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