3D Laser Scanning Becoming Streamlined

Making an engineer's life easier

3D laser scanning is a relatively new technology, and because of that, it can be incredibly intimidating. Many engineers have seen the advantages of using the latest tech on projects but are unsure about how to start, where to start, and how to capture everything needed to make a model. Artec’s ambassador saw these problems and decided to create a new 3D laser scanning device that would help streamline every step for the engineers.

Artec is known as a unique 3D technology company that not only provides outstanding solutions to tech problems, but they also have high-quality scanners and processing software to make an engineer’s life easier.

For this project, the ambassador of Artec named Pietro Meloni decided to use one of their eight scanners. He chose the Artec Leo to help streamline the process of creating 3D models for cars. This 3D laser scanning device can capture bigger than human-sized objects quickly and upload them to software easily.

The best features of the Artec Leo

3D laser scanning devices are some of the most advanced tools on the market, but Artec has truly perfected their tools to be some of the best. They have created multiple different styles that are great for many various fields and professional uses. Here are some of the best features of Artec Leo:


Though the head where the cameras and sensors are located is quite large, this device is portable. It is not too heavy or too big; it is the perfect size for one person to carry. This makes it a great tool for engineers who are inspecting cars and need accurate 3D models easily.

Projection and Processing

As the scans are being taken, a screen will provide projections and processing in real-time. This will allow you to see what your model will look like and what you may have missed.

Large Objects

This can capture substantial objects in half the time it would normally take to collect the information. However, this tool can also collect information on microscopic objects.

This style of 3D laser scanning device can help engineers observe their cars and produce a model or virtual reality in less than a few weeks. When an engineer is intimidated or unsure of how to start, things can get messy. Artec Leo has taken the confusion out and replaced it with more streamlined and efficient ways to collect information.

Final thoughts

Artec has created eight different types of 3D laser scanning, all of which can be used in many other fields. Many of them can be used for large or small objects, and all of them have different processing and program systems connected.

You can see your model being built in real-time right before your eyes, and that makes it a convenient tool. This allows engineers to see what they potentially missed and where they need to scan next. Without this feature, there may be confusion and require multiple scans to get an entirely accurate model.

This 3D laser scanning cuts the time in half and creates an easier and more straightforward process. If you have not yet looked into Artec scanners, right now might be the best time to see what they have to offer.

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