Relying on 3D Laser Scanning

Measurement/Observations processes are faster than ever

Testing and inspecting automobile parts is a huge part of getting a well-running car. It is a process that many consumers are unaware of and a difficult task for many people to work. Inspecting an object can sometimes require hours observing one piece, how it works, if it functions properly, and making sure the measurements are accurate. Many fields in the inspection world have realized that by adopting 3D laser scanning, this measurement process and observation can go much quicker than ever before.

Finding faster ways to get more precise information on an object helps speed up their workflow and how much can be sent out. It makes a company more profitable and workers happier because it involves less tedious work. For this task, it actually took a team from TÜV AUSTRIA AUTOMOTIVE three years to find the perfect match.

They wanted something highly accurate that could help streamline their process of inspection, help them understand the pieces more in-depth, and of course, be a budget-friendly option. They ended up choosing a 3D laser scanning device from Creaform called HandySCAN 3D.

The best feature of the new HandySCAN 3D

This is not the very first 3D laser scanning device to reach the market. In fact, 3D laser scanning was developed in the 1960s but was not widely adopted until the 90s. Many companies like Creaform have developed the original idea and created technology we have only ever dreamed about. The HandSCAN 3D has impressive benefits and features.

Easy to grip

This is an amazing tool because it has a handle that is easy to grip. No matter who is using the tool, it is light enough to hold and maneuver over any object. They have created a 3D laser scanning device that is convenient and non-intimidating.


One of the reasons TÜV AUSTRIA AUTOMOTIVE chose this 3D laser scanning device is it has an accuracy of 0.025mm. This means the scans and the models will come out incredibly detailed.

Big objects

Though the device is portable, easy to hold, and small enough for anyone to work with, it can capture details on large objects. This makes it incredibly versatile and great for people in the manufacturing world.


One of the best features of this product is it comes with an immense amount of support from the company. They provide outstanding worldwide support and help a team solve many problems and solve them easily and quickly.

What does TÜV AUSTRIA AUTOMOTIVE  use 3D scanning for

This device is perfect for understanding the steering wheel that drives and controls the car. It is great for rim and tire inspections ensuring the highest quality. This is also the best tool for understanding damaged parts of the vehicle.

Final thoughts

3D laser scanning has changed the way we inspect objects and how fast they are ready for consumers to use. We can expect faster production, better products, and safer vehicles with the latest technology. This has shaped the way we do things and is now making many jobs easier and less tedious.

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