Automated Inspections and 3D Laser Scanning

This technology provides new and different advantages

Detecting damage on vehicles can be a long, tedious process that requires hours of work. Europecar mobility group partnered with Tcheck to make automated inspection easier than ever before. This takes out any guesswork that may lead to mistakes and allows the team of engineers to understand why certain pieces of a car do not work, and allows them to inspect damage close up.

“We are very proud to have Europcar Mobility Group as the first major partner of the industry because we share in the vision; to always save time and profitability for users and employees by combining technological know-how with irreproachable customer service,” said Léa Chevry. She is the co-founder of Tcheck, which partnered with Europecar.

There are so many benefits to using 3D laser scanning. It is no surprise that many fields and industries have adopted this technology. It has paved the way for us to inspect easier and provide better safety for consumers. The more industry can detect flaws in a product before shipping it out to a consumer or a dealer, the better our world will be.

Benefits of 3D laser scanning

3D laser scanning provides up-close details without ever having to reverse engineer anything. This can be a great advantage, especially for those who work in the automobile industry. Here are some of the other amazing benefits this technology can provide.


You may think that this technology would be insanely expensive. However, for all of the uses and versatile traits for most companies, the return on investment is greater than the initial cost. When a company can produce products faster that are less damages, they can profit from it.


When this technology was first developed, there was only one option for 3D laser scanning. Since it has grown and expanded, many companies are invested in making new, better, and faster versions of this technology. There are now so many different 3D laser scanners styles, all of which can be used for different things. One scanner can potentially be used for hundreds of products.


Depending on the 3D laser scanner being used will determine the accuracy it will give you. Many of these tools will provide highly accurate, in-depth details that would take hours to observe. Some of the tools can pickup details at microscopic levels.

Different models

The best feature of 3D laser scanning is that it can create more than one type of model. The user can keep it in the CAD program as a file, 3D print the object, or create virtual reality. All of these can be useful in different situations.

Final thoughts

3D laser scanning has entered the automobile world and will not be leaving any time soon. It has proven to be a useful tool that provides many different advantages. Our cars are becoming safer, and we can get well-made pieces faster than ever before. This can be one of the best ways to inspect the damage and ensure the highest quality products are the only ones to reach consumers. We can’t wait to see what 2021 will bring in the tech field.

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