Converting From Coal to Natural Gas

Using 3d laser scanning can result in huge cost savings

It may seem easy to convert a power plant to natural gas over coal, but in reality, it is not that easy. However, 3D laser scanning can help make the process much easier. This technology has been adopted to help many power plants switch from coal to natural gas easier than ever before.

By measuring the equipment via laser scanning, then creating precise 3D models of the turbine assemblies for engineers to analyze for optimal installation points, we can significantly expedite the plants’ transitions. This can result in huge cost savings for projects that would otherwise have been budgeted for a lengthier period using less sophisticated measurement methods. In one recent project, a southeast power plant converting to a Combined Cycle Gas Turbine system will increase wattage output by more than 30% and save over $250,000 by using our services.” Steve Kersen, president of NVision.

3D laser scanning is changing the process by which we update buildings and help the switch to be more natural and less harmful. There are many benefits that make 3D laser scanning useful to bigger companies like power plants.

The many benefits of 3D laser scanning

When adopting this technology in any industry you can expect some amazing advantages that you otherwise would not have.


This technology allows a whole facility to be mapped out incredibly easy. It allows them to see the best places that need to be updated first and the easiest places for new installations. The best part about this is that the company can use the maps as a future reference. All of the information collected from 3D laser scanning is saved in the cloud, where it can never be erased and can be saved for years.

Plans move faster

When an entire building is mapped out, an entire team can access all of the small details. They can come up with a step by step plan that allows them to move and upgrade faster. Indirectly this will improve the profits of a company as well. There will be less time planning, more accuracy, and a faster finishing time.


The entire team can see what turbines need to be refurbished first and can start on that immediately. This can help them save money, move faster, and be more efficient.

Easy to use

Many of the 3D laser scanning devices you see on the market are great for large companies that need an inspection done. Although this may sound complicated, this technology is incredibly easy to use. Anyone will be able to pick up a 3D laser scanning device and understand how to use it. The process becomes straightforward.


This technology is incredibly accurate and can pick up microscopic details that may go missing. It takes less time than sending out a group of people who may miss small details. 3D laser scanning can pick up tiny details on hard to detect surfaces.

Final thoughts

3D laser scanning has changed our world. Though it is a slow adoption, we can’t wait to see how it changes industries this upcoming year. 2021 will be a year of technological change, and we will continue to see 3D laser scanning grow as an industry.

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