3D Laser Scanning Entering the Military

Helping to prevent the spread of disease

The coronavirus has spread across the globe rapidly, and we are now trying to find ways to prevent the further spread of it. The Navy is now adopting new technology to help protect the soldiers and spread of the virus itself. The Navy has always taken advantage of the latest technology, and now they are starting to use 3D LIDAR scanning.

3D laser scanning will save time for the people who typically have to go out and inspect the ship. The fewer men the military sends out right now, the better it is for their men. This 3D laser scanning system can go out and inspect each ship for them, giving the Navy accurate details on their ship’s conditions. This technology could be a game-changer and save many lives. Without exposing the military to disease, it could stop the spread of the virus that has changed our world.

3D laser scanning is becoming a way to digitalize the armed forces and move forward without risking any extra lives. This technology has many benefits that can save time and money for the Navy, meaning they can spend it on other more important things.

What is 3D laser scanning

This is a device that can be small or large that can scan substantial objects. 3D laser scanning has the power to take thousands of pictures per second, capturing all of the details of an object. This power makes it one of the most useful tools the military could ever adopt.

Once the information is captured, it is then sent to the cloud, where it is saved forever. This characteristic of the technology makes it one of the best references to go back to years in the future to compare scans. After the cloud, the data can be sent to a partnering software where the information can be edited and reviewed. Once it is reviewed, the image can create a 3D replica, turned into virtual reality, or sent across the world in under a few moments.

The history of 3D scanners

This device was created in the 1960s but didn’t gain adoption until the 1990s. It started as giant cameras surrounding an object that involved much human interaction. It was not as easy as the devices today. Since the original design of 3D laser scanning, many companies have emerged, creating a competitive market. Each company is trying to outdo the others. This means the technology is always being updated to fit every consumer’s needs.

Who can use this technology

3D laser scanning is not only for the military, but it can also be used by anyone who needs to have access to exact details of an object or scene. Students have found a way to download apps on their phones that allows them to turn their phone into a 3D laser scanning device. This makes it one of the best study tools for any assignment they could have. Police officers are adopting this technology around the world to stop traffic and crime. Architects have started using this technology to help saved and rebuild historical sites for our future generations to see. This technology is so diverse in uses; it is creating one of the biggest markets in the technological world.

Final thoughts

3D laser scanning is continuously helping our world, and as it becomes more developed, more uses will come out. There are ways we are now using this technology to help stop the spread of a horrible disease that has locked countries down. The more we use 3D laser scanning, the less we will have to out our men at risk.

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