3D Laser Scanning Help In Creating Luxury Cars

Automotive updates made easier

3D laser scanning has changed the way we see the world and has helped sustainably develop new products. Many consumers are now becoming interested in this technology because it is creating useful luxury items. 3D laser scanning has genuinely changed the world, and because of that, it has created a very competitive market.

Entire companies have developed and focused on this technology to help create the parts they need in order to be successful. By 2025 the market for 3D laser scanning devices will grow to be a billion-dollar industry; because of this, more companies are jumping in.

Which company has adopted this technology

3D laser scanning can be incredibly useful in the automobile industry. It can create parts for custom made cars quicker than a human can, it can also help luxury cars find pieces that would usually cost thousands of dollars. On top of that, the designs can be tweaked and printed from the 3D scans to have a custom piece for a specific car and person.

A United Kingdom company named CALLUM has now adopted this incredible technology. They on designing new cars and engineering them, they have worked with Ford, Aston, and Jaguar cars. Currently, they are working on limited edition cars for Aston Martin Vanquish cars. They are redesigning and printing these cars to be unique, and all of the new cars will be fully endorsed by Aston Martin.

The team focused on this project took 3D laser scanning equipment to get accurate details of the inside and outside of the cars. From there, they were able to see exactly what they wanted to change and create a plan that would allow them to update the vehicles. These cars will be on tour in 2020.

What is 3D laser scanning

This technology uses a handheld device that collects information on an object or scene. It is easy to maneuver, and straightforward to use. 3D laser scanning devices are a budget-friendly and convenient way to gather data that may take a team of researcher’s weeks to collect.

The machine takes thousands of pictures. It collects information like the size and the dimensions of each individual piece in the object. Color and texture. Any scratches or holes in the purpose. 3D laser scanning is precise, and above all, it is incredibly accurate.

Once the information is collected, all of it gets stored in the cloud, where it is saved forever. After that, it can be transferred to an editing program, where it can be redesigned, shared, and then printed for use. This technology provides a way for pieces of an object to get developed very quickly.

Final thoughts

Using 3D laser scanning for automobiles is a great sustainable way to update the looks of old cars without ruining the surrounding environment. As more places start using this technology, the faster new vehicles will come out, and the consumers will grow happier. Why? Because they will have access to customized cars that would typically take a long time to get.

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