3D Laser Scanning Turns Canine

Dog-like robot can capture information in unsafe situations

3D laser scanning has changed our world by entering many fields. It is creating ways for humans to be less involved in building products and saving people’s lives by not sending them to dangerous places. How can 3D laser scanning do that? Researchers have created amazing devices for consumers and professionals to use.

Boston Dynamics has created a 3D laser scanner that is attached to a four-legged moving robot. It resembles a dog-like creature, and it can move in terrain that may be unsafe for humans to go. Right now, they have created 100 of these scanners that are currently in the field, helping construction teams gather information and keep them safe.

Benefits of using 3D laser scanning in construction

This technology allows a construction team to access all details of a construction site in just a few hours. Instead of sending in individuals to collect different pieces of information over weeks, a construction team can send in the DogBot. 3D laser scanning can receive all of the information in just a few hours, depending on how big the site it.

3D laser scanning also cuts construction costs by 20%. This may not seem like a big cut. However, it makes a giant difference. The project can move along faster as the team has more information on the site and an excellent place to start. They will know exactly what needs to be done, what areas take priority. The team will also see where all of the most dangerous areas are and will be able to avoid them until they can address them adequately. There are many benefits to 3D laser scanning, and that is why so many construction companies are willing to try this technology out.

Characteristics of the DogBot

This 3D laser scanning device is in the shape of a four-legged dog. This allows it to carry up to 30 pounds of equipment, move over uneven terrain, all while still collecting information. On top of the body, it has a camera that collects data from 360-degree views, capturing literally every side of a site. These 3D laser scanner’s movements can be controlled from an offsite spot. The controller is able to view where the scanner is going and control its actions without being physically there. They can see and flag areas of concern through the 3D laser scanning device.

Final thoughts on the DogBot

This latest technology could help the entire construction team stay safe during their time on the site. There are so many benefits to this technology; it is no wonder that organizations around the world are waiting in line to get a lease for this 3D laser scanning device. It saves time and money overall, helping expedite the construction site.

As technology advances, 3D laser scanning will continue to develop in fantastic ways, and we will find more uses for it. Consumers and professionals will adopt this technology globally because it provides safety measures, we have not been able to receive from other devices. There are many uses for this technology, and we are continuing to find those uses as the types of equipment become developed.

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