3D Laser Scanning Helps Doctors and Patients

Lack of equipment puts doctors in a war zone

Right now, the entire globe is going through something terrible. We are fighting off an invisible invader, we are calling it COVID-19. Millions across the world are self-isolating, and many countries are going into full lockdown. Non-essential workers have been asked to stay home to help prevent the spread of the disease.

But what about the essential workers? Doctors and nurses are continuously putting their lives at risk to help save patients’ lives. They love what they do; however, as this virus spreads, the equipment the hospitals have is becoming lower with each case. It is being used so much they are breaking or have to throw it away. With the lack of equipment, we are repeatedly putting our doctors in a war zone that we cannot defend.

Who is helping

At Seattle Children’s Hospital, they noticed that with daily wear, they were running low on air-purifying respirators. Something doctors and nurses need to wear as protective gear every single day to work with the infected patients.

One specialized imaging doctor was able to use a 3D printer and in 12 hours printed pieces that were crucial to the helmets fixture. This creation using the 3D laser scanner and then printer, not only create a sustainable way that involves less human interaction. It creates a way to keep our essential workers safe. Or as safe as they can be.

What is 3D laser scanning

3D laser scanning takes thousands of pictures of an object, and the mission is to collect information. The data that is collected is precise and accurate. It captures things that an average camera would not pick up and from every angle.

After the information is collected, it gets sent to the cloud, where it can be used for future reference. The data from the 3D laser scanner is saved forever, keeping the perfect record. After the cloud, it can be downloaded to a partnering system where it can be edited, and then 3D printed for use.

This technology creates a way for humans to touch the products less. This could help prevent the spread of the coronavirus. The less we interact, the less we touch, the more likely we can keep others safe, and 3D laser scanning and printing provides a reliable way to do that.

The hospital’s next step

Seattle Children’s Hospital plans on keeping the record of the facemasks an open source of information. Any hospital in need will have access to the files and will be able to print the pieces to build their own facemasks. Sharing this information with many doctors and nurses all over the world may be a crucial step in protecting our nurses around the globe.

Final thoughts on 3D scanning in hospitals

3D laser scanning has changed our lives and has shaped the way we use technology. We are finding ways for it to save lives and keep us healthy. This technology creates sustainable ways to create a never-ending supply of products at a rapid pace that we could not do without it. With the help of 3D laser scanning, we will prevent the spread of this vicious virus, and thanks to Seattle Children’s Hospital, there will be plans for others around the globe to use.

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