3D Laser Scanning Helps Restore Famous Buildings

Information will then be used to plan future maintenance and construction

3D laser scanning has been one of the top trending topics in the last few years, and that is because of all the great uses that come with it. This technology is perfect for most people who need to identify intricate details, preserve something, or even create an object. It is an extremely versatile tool that we keep using. Due to how many people have adopted it, the market for this has grown tremendously. It has created a super competitive market, each company trying to come out with a better version for consumers.

With 3D laser scanning, researchers are planning to use it to create a digital copy of the Medici Palace. By creating a copy like this, they will be able to obtain accurate information on the building’s structure and then use that to plan future maintenance and construction. This survey will not be fast-paced even with a speedy tool, this architectural survey will take two years to complete but will be well worth it.

For this project, the researchers need multiple kinds of 3D laser scanning equipment. Some of the tools are very advanced. They need all of these machines to help scan the whole building, even those that are not normally accessible. Using several different types of technology will be able to get complete scans of the entire building in detail. This could save the team millions of architectural problems in the future.

What else can this technology do

3D laser scanning is unique because so many people can use this tool, not just researchers. This technology provides many benefits that other tools do not possess. For that reason, it has entered many fields, and consumers are adopting it at a fast pace.

  • Interior Design- Many people are using simple hand-held 3D laser scanning devices to scan rooms. This allows a designer to know how large a room is, how tall a ceiling is, and every room’s dimension. It allows accurate notes to be taken and kept on hand.
  • Construction- An architect can use these to create magnificent pieces, but so can a construction team. With a 3D laser scanning device, a construction crew can see exactly what needs to be done in the exact order they need to do it in. On top of that, they can use a simulation program to test the materials to be sure it is a good fit.
  • Architects- This is an excellent tool for design purposes. You can scan a building that is already standing and revamp it in the editing program. Then you can see how to build it step by step. It is one of the best ways to create unique buildings and update older buildings.

There are many more areas that 3D laser scanning has emerged. It is such a versatile tool; there is no way it can fit into one category. This technology has proven to be beyond useful and is helping update our world. As it develops, we will continue to find better uses for the technology we have created.

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