3D Laser Scanning is a Reputable Way to Inspect Products

Technology aids manufacturers in making parts better and faster

3D laser scanning has emerged in manufacturing and is becoming more widely adopted. This is also known as additive manufacturing. This technology has recently been helping inspect ship propellers, which can be a tedious, time-consuming job. With the help of 3D laser scanning, they can make better propellers on time. This makes it one of the best tools to use in manufacturing.

The first thing they do is to scan the propeller and then compare it to the CAD model. This is a computer-aided design model that allows the engineer or researcher to view the propeller in detail. Comparing it in person can leave things that people miss and uninspected, leaving room for error. This can lead to faulty products. They are not suitable to use. There are now many software solutions that pair with 3D laser scanning devices to make the process much quicker.

The history of 3D laser scanning

Though more companies worldwide have adopted additive manufacturing, it wasn’t always so. 3D laser scanning was invented in the early 1960s but wasn’t widely adopted. It involved a lot of manpower and was almost more work to use than it was worth. However, with the help of some major advancements, it became easy to use the tool.

Now, most 3D laser scanning devices you see will be smaller, handheld, or easily attachable to a machine that takes rapid pictures of objects. This is great for getting up close to see anything that could be dangerous in a product making it the perfect tool to add to a manufacturing facility focused on quality.

This technology was not adopted until the late 1990s but is now more than ever one of the most amazing tools we have on the market. Most people have heard of 3D laser scanning by now, and as it becomes more relevant more versions come out. As more devices come out, more programs to edit the scans are also coming out. A manufacturer now has many options to choose from.

Who else can use 3D laser scanning

3D laser scanning is not just used for propellers. In fact, it is used for many kinds of machines. Mechanics are using it to make rare car parts that generally take forever to ship from overseas. It is cheaper to make pieces and can sometimes be much faster, and the products are more useable. They use 3D laser scanning devices to scan race cars and create 3D printed models to test them. This allows them to see how fast a car would go without certain pieces, all while not harming the original copy. This is also a good tool that the military has invested in to preserve historical copies of military equipment.

Final thoughts

So many people have started talking about this technology and is have emerged in many different fields. This helps a company create reliable products in a timely manner. In that case, chances are they have already adopted 3D laser scanning because of all the benefits it provides. This is a budget-friendly tool, that is easy to use, and gets work is done in half of the time it typically would take.

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