Worldwide Protests Being Captured With 3D Laser Scanning

Using technology to record history in the making

Most places worldwide had large gatherings and protests, all representing Black Lives Matter. A massive movement encouraging us to talk about the racism that still exists. One person saw this, and to keep this historic moment alive, decided to capture it forever using 3D laser scanning. This is one of the best ways this technology has been used, and it will keep this moment alive. Débora Silva, a digital artist, asked protesters if she could scan them for her collection. You can now view all the protestors on her Instagram.

This movement is still at large; it is not done being talked about, and the more we bring awareness to the racism that still exists, the more likely change will happen. Using 3D laser scanning to promote awareness is an incredible step to keep this movement alive. For each protestor seen on her Instagram, you can turn them, view them, and look closely at them. They are real people, scanned and digitalized, ones that you have not seen in photographs. It is just one more spark in this movement.

Her art is focused on individual people, but she hopes it accurately represents the many protesting people. She wants it to show the bigger picture, and why standing together means so much right now. 3D laser scanning allowed her to do this and take her artwork to a whole new level. Her artwork states that we are diverse but united for one cause.

Many artists adopt 3D laser scanning

This is such a versatile piece of equipment because artists worldwide can do many things with this technology. 3D laser scanning is not only for digital artists but for any artist. It can capture someone’s facial features to later look at as a reference. It can be used to obtain a full-body image that can then be turned into a concrete statue. Or it can be used to capture something across the world and then take home to create a virtual painting someone can be fully immersed in.

Many people who have galleries have turned to online exhibits on top of artists, especially during our COVID-19 quarantine. Many artists can rent 3D laser scanning devices, fully capture their artwork. Then the artists can turn it into an online art gallery where it can be viewed and sold in a physical location. 3D laser scanning is opening up the art world and keeping it relevant.

Final thoughts

We are creating new ways for people to capture the world around them, we are capturing how we view the world, and 3D laser scanning is now a big part of that. Anyone worldwide can see these images, and 3D laser scanning allows us to stay connected in the best ways possible. Everything captured through this device is stored in the cloud; this, in a sense, keeps the image immortalized. This helps keep the cause alive.

We are all united, and we are all standing together. Black lives matter, and 3D laser scanning has now become a part of the movement. We will utilize technology to create change and to promote the wellbeing of our world. What will technology help us with next?

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