3D Laser Scanning Reduces Sneaker Returns

Using technology to enrich the user's experience

Athletic shoes can be some of the most returned products in the retail world. If they don’t fit right or can’t be broken in properly, they can also hurt someone’s feet. Retailers have sought ways to limit the returns on shoes, and now there is an excellent solution. 3D laser scanning has stepped into the retail world. It is becoming slowly adopted because so many industries can see the advantages of this technology.

3D laser scanning has been a booming topic among many industries, though the adoption of its use is slow. Many people are unsure and skeptical. However, once seen in action, mindsets have been changing. It can be one of the best ways to reduce returns, increase profits, and make better products.

Neatsy, an artificial intelligence marketplace, is focused on helping customers receive the best customer service and the best products that fit better than ever before. This company and marketplace has seen the advantages of 3D laser scanning and has decided to adopt this technology to enrich the user experience.

How foot scanning works

Neatsy uses iPhone’s depth sensors that are used for face scanners as foot scanners! The users can scan their feet to help them pick out and understand the shoes that would be most comfortable for their feet. The user is asked questions about the type of fit they would like, and based on all of the information gathered, they get the best-recommended products.

This could help limit massive returns. Buying shoes online is never easy, and there are many downfalls when it comes to shopping online. 3D laser scanning can help these areas massively.

Why 3D laser scanning is good for retail industries

During a time when people are staying home and shopping online, more 3D lasers can drastically help the online shopping world. It can help get accurate results for width, height, and more for shoes. It can ensure fewer returns by giving better recommendations to the users.

Is 3D laser scanning harmful

This technology uses lasers, sensors, and cameras to capture accurate dimensions. It captures everything without causing any damage. This is a non-destructive way to capture information and causes no harm at all. There is no physical touching involved. There are no adverse side effects to using these sensors to capture information on your body.

How does it work

This technology takes rapid pictures of an object, and the lasers bounce back and forth from the object to the device. The lasers are being measured by how far they travel. It helps capture things like dimensions, textures, colors, and more. This technology is now so advanced it can capture information on hard to read objects.

Final thoughts

3D laser scanning has shaped many things in our world and is allowing us to shop online better. It is changing how we do things as consumers and allowing us to get better fit on clothing and shoes. Many retailers can adopt this technology to help limit returns and make more money.

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