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Apple is again staying ahead of the curve

Apple has been one of the most competitive companies that others have stayed in competition with. They have set trends in the technology world and have given consumers access to some of the best resources. Apple is shaping the way everyday people view their world and map it out. They have embedded the best sensors into their phones and created ways for us to use 3D laser scanning devices without most of us even knowing it.

The latest news with Apple is that they will reveal a new augmented reality or AR headset for public use. This technology is already implemented in their iPhones and is rapidly getting better than the original creation. They have used AR for Ikea furniture, Pokemon Go battles, and much more. It is using the highest technology to give consumers exactly what they want. Each update brings everyone closer to a more realistic world through their phones.

We have no idea what the new headset will bring. We know that the iPhones’ 3D laser scanning capabilities will drastically shape what the headset can do. Apple has access and patents on some of the best technology we can get our hands on, and they have slowly spread all over the globe. They are a well-known brand that many people want in their pockets.

What is 3D laser scanning

Most of us think of 3D laser scanning as something we could never afford. However, Apple has embedded this technology into phones that we use every day. It uses sensors, cameras, and laser lights to gather detailed information. We see this in our phones as facial recognition to enter into phones.

It takes rapid pictures, and at the same time, the lasers and sensors are being measured by the distance they travel. It helps pick up dimensions on someone’s face, the width of facial features, and even textures. The information is stored in the cloud and used to compare future scans to each other.

The best thing about 3D laser scanning is that the options for the data are so versatile, making it great for many different industries now. Anyone can save the information for future reference, send it as a file across the world, 3D print an exact replica, and turn this information into virtual reality.

Who else can use this tech

Now that many phone apps have adopted this technology, many people can benefit from it. Students can use this technology as a study aid and take pictures of objects to analyze later on. Designers can snapshot a room with accurate dimensions and every detail necessary to know when picking out furniture. Having a phone that can capture all of this information can benefit many people. Adding in a new headset could shape the way our students and designers learn and work.

Final thoughts

3D laser scanning shapes the way we view the world and is now being embedded in more of our daily technology. It will help us analyze the world and make the necessary changes to move forward as a society.

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