3D Laser Scanning Used to Create Hospital Masks

Custom fit masks for nurses and doctors in need

Seikowave company was initially known for its 3D laser scanning equipment for industrial pipelines. They then decided to branch into the dental field. Unfortunately, it was the wrong time to enter the dental market because most dental practices closed down due to a vicious virus that has consumed the globe.

A doctor asked president Matt Bellis is this technology could be used to create masks and respirators that could help save nurses and doctors’ lives. The answer was yes! Seikowave then dropped everything else to help save lives.

How do they use this technology

Seikowave uses 3D laser scanning to capture accurate details of an individual’s face. They are then able to 3D print custom made to fit masks for each nurse and doctor in need. Right now, they only have a few 3D laser scanning devices and printers at their disposal, so it is a slow-going process, but one that could save hundreds if not thousands of lives.

This tech company offers nurses and doctors comfortable tightly sealed masks that are better than the traditional respirators. The conventional masks and respirators are very uncomfortable, and most nurses opt to take them off despite the risks involved.

The custom-made masks are meant to be worn all day, unlike the respirators. Because of that, the tech company wanted to make them as comfortable as possible. On top of that, to thank the hospitals for the services they are providing, they are given a heavily discounted rate for these products.

What is 3D laser scanning

This technology takes rapid pictures, sometimes thousands per second of an image or, in this case, a person’s face. It captures information like size, dimensions, the shape of the skull, and other facial features., as well as details in between. This would typically take someone hours to measure and obtain to create a custom-made object.

3D laser scanning allows it to be done in under a few minutes, and they can start printing these custom-made masks right away. The information is stored in the cloud and then sent to a partnering system where it can be edited, observed, and then printed for use.

Who else can use this technology

Right now, this technology is being used in many different ways. Most of the globe is social distancing from each other, and some countries are in complete lockdown. 3D laser scanning is being used to provide people with custom made healthcare supplies as well as giving consumers a way to walk outside and see historical sites. This technology can be developed into virtual reality giving consumers something to do and focus on. You can virtually walk through historic parks and see monuments in great detail.

Final thoughts

As our world starts running out of essential resources, especially in hospitals, we will be turning to this technology more and more. Every person who has access to 3D laser scanning and printing will be called to action to help save lives and stop the spread of this virus. The more masks we can make and share throughout various hospitals, the more likely we are to prevent the spread. We are finding ways to benefit from this technology even in a dire time.

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